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    extra baggage from EZE to Canada question

    Has anyone flown from BsAs to Canada recently on Air Canada? We are definitely going to have an extra bag or two and I was wondering whether they were lenient with extra gear or not. As well any idea of what the charges are, the website says one thing while the customer service rep I spoke...
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    Luggage Store

    Hi all, I need to find two big good-quality suitcases with wheels. I have had a look on Calle Florida but I am not sure if this is the best place to buy. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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    simple flat leather boots (good store or custom-made)

    Hey Ladies, I have been scouring this city for the perfect flat knee-high round toe leather boots - no zips, tassels, studs or other crazy adornments are wanted. I did find one pair but (of course!) they were sold out in my size :( Anyway I am sure I am not the only one looking for classic...
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    Volunteering with kids in BsAs

    Hi all, My sister might come for a visit this July and she would like to volunteer with children in some capacity. She works with children in Canada at a non-profit and has lots of experience and, of course, she adores kids! Any suggestions of whom she could contact? Anywhere that really...
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    Leather Alterations

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good leather alteration shop? I need to have the sleeves of a jacket shortened a smidge. Thanks!
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    where to buy gym equipment

    Does anyone know where I can buy small hand weights, an exercise (bosu) ball and resistance bands? Thanks!
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    what is up with the machinery in pedicures

    Hi gals, I have had two pedicures in my time here in BA and both times they have had a room full of crazy seems more like a workshop than a nice little something for the feet. Now my feet aren't perfect but there is no way they require heavy machinery to pretty them up. Is this...
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    Are there any (or ever) cheap flight to NZ from BA

    Hey all, We might end up flying to NZ at some point but last time we flew Aerolineas it was...well what you'd expect (delays, poor service but the cheapest we could find). Are there any other carriers who fly to NZ for reasonable prices? Or any suggestions on getting to NZ relatively cheaply.
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    Using a credit card from overseas

    I was thinking about using my credit card to buy a few higher priced items but I believe there is an extra percentage added on here? Is this correct? Also, has anyone had any problems using their cards from home here? Thanks!
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    Almagro - a decent neighbourhood?

    Hi all, Just wondering what Almagro's reputation is... we are currently looking at apartments and a few have come up here that seem pretty decent but I wanted to know what you all thought about it. Thanks!
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    Looking for Melissa Plastic Dream shoes

    I should have bought a pair when I was in Brazil! Does anyone know where I can buy Melissa Plastic Dream shoes or which stores here in BA stock them? Thanks!
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    Sim card for cellphone?

    Hey all I have a phone bought in Mexico for cheap and I wanted to know if it is possible to unlock it here and then get a sim card to use it as is. All I really want to do is be able to text and fancy stuff. Thoughts?
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    Mailing items back to Canada by DHL or FEDEX?

    From what I have read Argentina's postal service is like the rest of Latin Americas in the fact that it is not that reliable. What about DHL or FEDEX? Will things arrive or is it just as bad? I have some camping gear that I'd like to keep but I don't want to carry it all on a plane whenever I...
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    Good gym in or near Congreso?

    I checked out a gym which was a block from my apartment in Congreso and was told it was $290 pesos monthly! I do not want to buy into a year membership but would like to be able to use a gym somewhere nearby for a reasonable rate on a monthly basis. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks...
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    No screens big mosquito bites!

    Does anyone know where (or if) I can get a mosquito net here and, if so, where? We are in a loft with no screens and are getting eaten alive at night. Would close the windows but then it gets way too hot. Help!
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    Looking for a good dentist

    Hi there, I need a dental check-up and a cleaning while in BA. Does anyone have a great recommendation as well as an idea of prices? Thanks, Kels
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    Looking for spanish school or classes

    Hi there, I thought I would get the expat community's recommendations on Spanish schools or classes. I already speak decent Spanish, not amazing but I can converse though at times I struggle. I am looking to continue studying (I did immersion in Guatemala) and now what I need to focus on...
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    Car for sale

    We are at the end of our journey and our little car stood with us the whole way from Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina but now we are looking to set out on other adventures. FOR SALE 1991 VolksWagen Golf - 198,000 km’s Runs extremely well with great gas mileage. Four new tires, regular service...
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    Looking for room, sublet or apartment for early Feb

    Late 20s couple returning to BA in early Feb to find work and continue studying Spanish. We are looking for an inexpensive place to live in for a few months to see how things go (minimum three months). Responsible, easygoing and tidy. Shared housing, sublet or short-term rental would be...
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    Looking for plain black flats

    In a city of a bazillion shoe stores I am having a hard time finding simple black ballet flats - no bows, studs, flowers or anything else on them! I am sure they are here somewhere but I'd love it if someone could help me narrow down where I might find simple but well made black flats. Thanks...