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  1. J

    Getting a Masters in BA

    I would look for IAE or CEMA... both are good. Nice level for their programs. I am about to start one too. Cheers!
  2. J

    Just arrived

    Hi Laura! I guess you'll start a VIE experience? I am from BA but I lived in France for 6 years, 3,5 in Paris. Hope to hear from you soon! Do not hesitate to pm me. A bientôt! Julio
  3. J

    Interested in meeting new people!

    I would also be please to meet you guys. Are you going somewhere for drinks this weekend? What about saturday? Cheers! Jules
  4. J

    Hey Everyone!

    Salut! It would be great to join you! In the city since one year ago and still wanting to meet new people! I came from France but I was born in Argentina...and lived in Brazil and Spain... Hope to hear from you! Cheers!
  5. J


    Puerto Madero? San Telmo? Cañitas? Wherever you want, no problem...
  6. J


    NEXT TUESDAY!!??? Who can? Let's fix the date at first and then we can think on some place, we could go to somewhere everyones know and where it is not hard to get, like Palermo.
  7. J


    If we meet at someone's place I am still up to bring some wines. Otherwhise, just meet at any pub! Cheers! Julio
  8. J


    Hi Miles and Anushka! I would love to meet you guys, for that dinner, given that I work in wine sector, I could bring the wine for everyone! Let me know Regards Jules
  9. J

    Gym recommendations in San Telmo?

    Megatlon at microcentro is a good choice.
  10. J

    Meet up tonight @ 8:30

    I'm in. See you there!
  11. J

    Expat meetup Wednesday 31st of March 8pm at Wherever Bar

    Hi! I could not go wednesday night but I really wanted! It seem you had good time! Something for this weekend? Cheers!
  12. J

    Drinks, dinner, something this weekend?

    Hi!! What's up for this weekend? Would you like to meet up for some drinks or anything? Cheers Jules