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    Coffee / lunch anyone?

    Hi Girls I was thinking about organising a lunch out in San Isidro Area or dinner. I would love to met you all! Cheers Fiona
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    Born in Argentina, grew up in Australia- returning...

    Hey Ricardo, I am an Australian and have been working in BA it will be interesting for you I think coming back!!! I am sure you will have a blast though!
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    New to BA - San Isidro

    No I am working here... and yes it is a very beautiful area!!!
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    New to BA - San Isidro

    Hi there everyone, I have just arrived from Sydney 27f and will be here for around 6 months was wondering if there was any Expats around the San Isidro area... I looks like everyone lives in the city??? Fi
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    Any-one up for horse riding lessons?

    Hi There, Yes I love horse riding and will be in BA for the next six months. Let me know how you get on with these places.