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    Looking for board room table and chairs

    We need several table that seat between 4 and 10 along with chairs. If you know anyone going out of buiness, oplease contact jan@SCVsoft.
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    2 great seats Chantecler Tango tonight

    I'm sick and have 2 great orchestra seats to the very well reviewed Chanteclar Tango tonight. This is a musical, not a tango show. Said to be broadway qualify. It's discount night and the 2 tickets are $120. PM me if interested.
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    Goodbye Sarkis, Hello Chef lusef

    Ive never been sure why so many love Sarkis when we've consistently found their food mediocre. We went occasionally because it was a good change from typical local food. Yesterday we were shopping in the Armenian stores on Scalabrini Ortiz. We asked a store owner for a suggestion for lunch and...
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    Cost of Remodel

    We're looking at a large house that needs paint, a bathroom and a new kitchen. Can anyone help us understand costs? Painting 400 MS, a large kitchen with applances and a large bath?
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    Anyone coming from the states soon?

    Mule needed. Good pay!
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    Electronics in Colonia

    Can anyone tell me if I'll find a range of high end computers in Colonia, or if I'll have to go to Montevideo? Any opinions on where lowest priced computers are in LAM?
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    Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Sour Cream

    Does anyone know where I cans find these? Also, what is the correct name for sour cream? Also seeking real vanilla.
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    Looking For Office Sublet

    Our growing software development company is looking to sublet office space that could fit 5 teams of 4-6. Must have excellent Internet connection and several separate rooms.
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    Bookkeeper Needed For Project

    The initial project will take under one week but more work will follow for a strong candidate. Contact: jan@SCV soft.
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    Office to Sublet?

    We're looking for space to sublet--500 M2 of more.
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    Office Furniture

    Anyone selling office furniture?
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    expediting DNI

    Looking for someone who can do a fast track DNI for an employee.
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    Young Argentines Willing To Move?

    We are considering transferring some of our business operations to Chile. Work permits are easy to get, taxes are much lower, rent is cheaper, can still save and access US dollars. Will young Argentines be willing to make the move?
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    We're Hiring Software Professionals!

    1 Team Lead 2 Super Senior Java/Ruby developer/architects (6-10 yrs, hot shots) 2 Senior Java/Ruby Developers (4-7 years strong with growth potential, just less experience) 1 Senior QA with experience in building test automation, and doing data validation (not just screen stuff) 1 Mid level QA...
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    New Daily Peso Limit?

    Anyone understand what the rules are for this new $1000 peso per day maximum withdrawal?
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    Colombia vacation

    We are looking for an upscale vacation in Colombia, mostly beach as we will have a child with us. Looking for pretty beaches, a nice town with good restaurants and not throngs of tourists. Any help appreciated!
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    SCVsoft needs contractor QA guys

    If you have experience, an eye for detail and would like to check our our fast growing company, shoot us your CV. Part time for a few months leading to a full time job. we offer good salaries and benefits and a great working environment. Write:
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    Good soup

    What restaurant or caterer makes really good soup?
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    Can Tourists Take Out US Dollars in Uruguay?

    Is it possible for tourists to get US dollars from ATMs or their own bank accounts (Citi, HSBC) in Uruguay?
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    What's The Best Way To See Tigre

    Is there a boat tour that's better than others? Good restaurants? Any recommendations appreciated.