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    New Comer in Need of Root Canal and Crown in BA!!

    So Sockhopper, who is this wonderfull dentist and how can we contact him?
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    BBQ this Sunday (9/20)?

    Hi Capt Doug & Lisa, we'll see you there & thanks for your hospitality.
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    New Comer in Need of Root Canal and Crown in BA!!

    I had a root canal & crown, cavities filled etc. at Clinica Albertini, Santa Fe 3040, 4826-0200. I've been going to him for a few years now & I can highly recommend him as honest & professional & he uses quality materials. I don't recall his fees, not cheap but not over the top either but half...
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    Jazzclubs listings...

    I agree with Katie, Notorious is worth checking out, it's intimate, "pretty cool" and usually has a nice crowd except to me the food is mediocre, I usually get dessert there. Another place to try is near Thelonious at Guemes 3657, also small but with a more "folksy" feel.
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    Alterations Seamstress Tailor

    El Sanitorio de la Ropa, Juncal 1356 has good service and reasonably priced. I've used them for basic alterations.
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    Excellent New Tango Video ( Differente)

    Pericles, Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your Youtube finds!
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    Quality Pots & Pans?

    Hi, There's a place on Parana (or Montevideo) b/n Santa Fe & Paraguay that sells high end kitchen ware, pots, pans, knives etc., not cheap. Nice store to browse. good luck.
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    Where to find French/style baguette

    Try Chez Paul on Ayacucho b/n Alvear & Posadas. It's a small shop around the corner from the Alvear Palace & the baguettes have a nice crunchy exterior.
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    Hotel Recommendations

    What are the dates they will be staying here?
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    Property Manager/Apartment Administrator

    Are there any expats that live near the Retiro/ Recoleta area looking to supplement their income by occasionally checking in & out renters & having the apt. cleaned?
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    Property Manager/Apartment Administrator

    Hi Group,Do any of you expats renting out your apartments to tourists and short term rentals have a recommendation as to a property manager in BA to handle check-in, check-out & clean up etc. Any idea what the going rate is?
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    apartment administrator

    Does anyone have a recommendation of a trustworthy administrator to assist an expat in the rental of his apartment? I need someone to arrange for the cleaning of the apt., greeting renters & check apt. at departure. Any ideas as to costs?Thanks,Doug
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    Dentist & Optomologist

    Hi drucifir,For the past 2 years my wife & I have been going to Dr. German Albertini . He's done crowns, a root canal, fillings, etc. . We both have had very good experiences with him & his staff & I've recommended him to friends who were also favorably impressed. You can reach him at his clinic...
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    Hi all,My wife is selling her recently purchased (& barely used) laptop. If anyone is interested or wants more info pls feel free to drop me a line. We are in the Recoleta/ Retiro area. Acer Aspire 5100-5778 2GB DDR2 1.6GHz 15.4" CrystalBrite LCD, 160GB HDD, 802.11b/g wireless LAN, DVD...
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    Re: Care Packages?

    Hi Group,Does anyone have any insight on how to bring a small T.V. through customs from an international flight without paying any duties? Whatever suggestions are appreciated!
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    Handyman needed

    Hi Everyone,I'm new to the forum & find it very informative & helpfulDoes anyone have recommendations (good expriences) for a handyman (or electrician, plumber, carpenter) to do some minor work in an apt. in the retiro/recoleta area?