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    Casa de Cambio Open On Weekends?

    Does anyone know of a Casa de Cambio open on weekends? Name and location would be great. Thanks.
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    Preexisting Conditions and OSDE or any other Insurance Carrier

    Hello, Does anyone know anything about preexisting conditions and health insurance plans here in Argentina, particularly OSDE? I just recently found out I needed surgery with general anesthesia after a relatively benign and stable problem for a year has taken a turn for the worse. Just trying...
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    Nicely Furnished Two Bedroom Apartment in Las Cañitas

    For those that may be interested I am managing a 2 bedroom apartment in the Las Cañitas area of Palermo: Space: 65m2 Amenities: 32" LCD flat screen, Roof top dipping pool, Direct TV, Roof top terrace and parilla, dishwasher, AC/Heat split, small gym, DVD player, WIFI, Safe Box and more...
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    Check Cashing Fees?

    Would I be able to cash a check made payable to me from a local Argentine company even though I do not currently have an Argentine bank account? If so, does anyone know the check cashing fees associated with getting the check cashed? Thanks in advance,
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    Big Brother Argentina & Grown Men Crying

    Okay. Sorry just had to post this. Just finished watching Gran Hermano for the first and last time. I never watched the show in the US and now I see why. So tonight the family members of the remaining contestants sent in videos to their loved ones. I sat their in disbelief as I watched every...
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    Tourist Maps

    Does anyone know of a store where one can buy a tourist map of Buenos Aires? Are they typically in the book stores? Also what about postcards? Thanks.
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    Check out my site please

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my photography site is finally up and running. Still a bit naked but more samples to come. Currently, I specialize in real estate and nightclub photography. If you are the owner of a house or apartment that you rent out frequently I can supply you with high...
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    Anyone have a Tripod they could lend or rent me for Tomorrow?

    This is very last minute I know. But thought I would throw it out there. Any photographer buffs have a tripod they would be willing to lend or rent to me for tomorrow? I´m also in the market to buy one, so if you have an extra one I would be interested in buying it. Let me know. I would need...
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    Meeting up at Sugar Bar, 2/12 @ 9pm

    A couple of us are meeting up at Sugar Bar tomorrow, Saturday, at 9pm for a drink or two. Not my favorite place but everyone seems to know the place and it does have good drink specials. We can always go somewhere else after meeting up. Let me know if you want to join. I can give you my cell...
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    What do you all cook down here?

    I am not a great cook. Basically trying to step my game up. But I'm really at a lost with where to begin since moving down here. Was just wondering if someone would be so kind to give me an idea of what you cook on a weekly basis? I know very general question but anything would help. I lean more...
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    Personal Photoshop Lessons Needed

    I'm looking for someone that is very familiar with CS4. Or at least familiar enough to be able to teach me how to use it well. Specifically I am looking for some of the following skills: general touch up of photos;correcting for exposure, color, etc; skin softening; teeth whitening; blemish...
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    New for the second time.....

    Okay, Technically I'm not a newcomer perse but since most of my tight knit circle of friends have left Buenos Aires in the last few months and the fact that I was gone for a few months, I'm looking to hang out with new people from wherever. Also I just found a place and chose to room with older...
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    Anyone had problems with Continental on one-way?

    I know this comes up a lot but just wondering if anyone has had any personal experiences or problems with Continental Airlines with a one way ticket. Technically, my ticket is a roundtrip ticket but the "return" is actually back to BA. When I flew with Avianca to BA they never asked me anything...
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    Travel Insurance Without Return Ticket

    Hello all: I am headed back to BsAs in the next couple of weeks for a "permanent" move. Permanent meaning two or three years if everything works out. In any event, I have not purchased a return ticket because I honestly don't know when I'll be heading back to the states for a visit. It could...
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    MacBook or PC Laptop in BsAs?

    Hello all: Quick question. At the moment I am back in LA and I am in the market for a new laptop. I plan to use it like a desktop computer, for some business things and personal usage. I had a macbook before, which I really loved, however it was plagued with several problems, including a failed...
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    Debate: Bedbug or Tick

    Well, I wasn't going to post this but if you recall I started a thread about Argentine's milk giving me hives. Well now I'm not so sure it was the milk. I've been dealing with welts/things that look like mosquito bites and that itch like hell. While I am certain I have been bit my mosuitoes...
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    Argentine (Milk) Induced Hives

    I developed what appeared to be an allergic reaction to the milk here after about a month of drinking it. I first noticed very large and itchy welts that would sporadically appear on my arms, neck, and upper thighs--mostly my arms. At first I thought they were mosquito bites...except that this...
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    2 Dead in Another Building Collapse in Palermo

    Was anyone up last night around four in the Palermo area close to Scalibrini? For some strange reason I was and after hearing ambulance sirens for 20 mins straight I knew something was wrong. Anyway, there was another building collapse at a local boliche, Beara, which sits on Scalibrini Ortiz...
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    Bratty Argentine Children & Public Tantrums

    Okay, I had to post on a topic that is driving me to my wit's end. I think it's because I live above some of the brattiest children and apathetic parents I've ever encountered in my life. That being said..the apathy on the part of Porteno parents and their children's public tantrums is beyond...
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    Hostage Situation in Palermo

    Just thought I would let anyone know if they're anywhere in the neighborhood of Palermo, especially near Julian Alvarez or Soler, you might want to stay clear if you're driving. There's an ongoing hostage situation in a departamento about a block from where I live! Got off my regular colectivo...