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    Food Trucks ??

    Hi, if you contact me directly I can give you some contacts that might be able to help. They are restaurant consultants that know their way around the BA food scene.
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    Getting US dollars Today

    There are creative ways to get U$ in hand here in Arg. if you know people that are looking to get U$ out of the country. Basically, you have to do it with trusted people, but the way it can work is you transfer U$ to x account in the US from your account and they give you the cash here. Because...
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    Looking For Office Sublet

    Hi jb5, buen dia. I'm the owner of areatres and we just had an office come available for 6 people in our areatres Hollywood location (Humbodlt 2036). Please message me privately if you'd like to come by to check it out. Thanks very much.
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    Office sharing/ Coworking?

    Hi BAwithKinds. My name is Martin and I run areatres. We have a pretty wide range of options depending on what you need but to give you a ballpark idea, a fixed desk starts at about AR$1,300/month. We also have packages that allow you to come any 10 days of your choice to use the comunal areas...
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    serviced office space in Palermo

    Hola Amat. My name is Martin and I'm the managing partner of areatres. I noticed the thread and wanted to see if perhaps we could help you as we have spaces for teams ranging from 2 to 50 people. In march we're launching areatres hollywood we're we'll have an additional 450 m2 available. Please...
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    6 Nations Rugby

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that Sugar Bar (Costa Rica 4619) in Palermo Soho will be showing the following rugby matches on our giant 4 meter screen in hi definition. FRI 26th February 16.30 BA time WALES V FRANCE SAT 27th February 12.30 BA time ENGLAND V IRELAND Come join us.
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    New to bA from NYC

    Hey Guys- I'm another NYC to BA'er (well at least for my last three years before moving here in Dec. 06). Faced with the same predicament as you all, namely not knowing anyone, I ended up starting Expat Connection, We now have 1,300 people that get our emails and are...
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    Moving to BA from NYC - advice needed

    Hey Guys-I also moved to BA from NYC in Dec. of '06. I totally agree with the idea of bringing everything you can from the US, all electronics here are at least double the price of things in the US (often triple) and significantly older, so bring EVERYTHING. You want to try to negotiate a rental...
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    Expatriates watching the Super Bowl?

    Hola Amigo- I'm not sure where you got the information regarding our Super Bowl event on sunday, but it was incorrect. The price is $130 pesos and NOT $130 US dollars. All the events we do are priced in Pesos. If you have any questions please let me know and if you'd like to RSVP for sunday...
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    English speaking hospital?

    Hi Sofie-I have a list of English speaking doctors of various specialties, including Obstetricians and gynecologists, that participate in our Expat Connection Medical Insurance plan. Send me an email to and I'll be happy to send it along to you-Martin
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    Expatriates watching the Super Bowl?

    Hi Guys-Sun., Feb. 3rd is the Expat Connection Superbowl Party @ TAZZ in Palermo (Armenia 1744) starting @ 7 pm (9:18pm kickoff, local time). Join on up on the third floor which will be reserved just for us as we watch Superbowl XLII in all its glory on a giant 2 meter screen. We’ll...
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    (newcomer)meeting on Saturday 26

    Hey Guys- My name is martin and I started Expat Connection last year to give expats and Argentines a chance to meet each other and facilitate integration into BsAs society. We have a Happy Hour coming up this Thurs. , here you can see pictures of all our past events...
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    Healthcare in S America

    Hi There- My name is Martin and I'm an American who moved here a year ago and started an expat group called Expat Connection. We've grown quickly to now have over 1,000 members and host all sorts of social and educational events in BA from Happy Hours and a Super Bowl Party to Real Estate...
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    New arrival -- anyone wanna meet for dinner/drink?

    Hi - I'm a 31 yr. old guy from the east coast of the US, most recently spent 3 years in NYC before moving here in Dec. I'm organsing events for expats so that people like yourselves can meet others and ease the integration into BA life. We're having a happy hour tonight @ Happy Hour Series -...
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    Looking for friends

    Hey guys. I am also an american, 31, and have quite a good size group of english speaking friends. I also started an organization and we organize events. The next one is a happy hour this sunday at Drinks Gallery in Las Canitas. Its posted here on baexpats to the left. We typically have...
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    New to BA, looking to hang out

    Hey Guys- I'm 31, also moved from NYC, and got here in Dec. I've recently started a group called "Expat Connection" and we're having a joint wine tasting event with 2 of the other expat groups on Tues. 6/17 in San Telmo. Its definitely the type of event where you can meet a ton of people just...
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    Hi guys hows it going?

    Hey Guys- I can feel your social networking pain. I moved here in Dec. from NYC and have started from scratch to meet people, make friends and start a new life. So far, I must admit that its worked quite well and I've made a very nice social and professional circle. One of the ways I started...