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    Buying Property in Buenos Aires

    Well, my last comments on this issue, Steve, I agree with you on the buying versus renting for living and that is a smart thing to do. With regards to investments outside of your primary residence, I think it is up to each person, certain investments are better for certain people and it all...
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    Buying Property in Buenos Aires

    You know, every time I look at this board, I am amazed at the negativity on every subject. Too many really bitter people. I will say this, for those who bitch about everything and think Argentina is doomed etc, just leave the country and go somewhere else, why continue to vent on this forum. For...
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    How do you get to EZE? (Remis, taxi, bus...)

    Fred, You do not need to defend yourself. Unfortunately there are many people on this board that feel that the only criteria in life is to pay as little as possible for everything regardless of value. In other words, they would argue that a great restaurant that is high priced but has great...
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    where am i supposed to pay tax?

    blow me jackass
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    where am i supposed to pay tax?

    I find it incredible that people would see any type of legal or tax advice from some expat board. You would think maybe contacting professionals for that advice would be the right thing to do
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    Hypothetical question...

    You can 100% sell your property to someone and have it paid outside of Argentina and legally. The issue is not the payment but the escritura and you have to pay the taxes on the transfer of title. Both buyer and seller have approx 2 to 2.5% of the purchase price that has to be paid at time of...
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    Accessing your cash in BA

    If you convert dollars to pesos at amex they give you the days interbank rate which is in between the normal buy sell. But you do not have to get pesos. I use schwab to get pesos out of the atm because there are no fees but if I need dollars, I go to AMEX. Amex will give you dollars, I have...
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    Accessing your cash in BA

    Steve is correct on Schwab, I have their account also and they reimburse all ATM fees worldwide. He is wrong on American Express. Their office is on Arenales in front of Plaza San Martin, if you have a Platinum or Centurion card they will give you 5000 dollars per month on a cashed check from a...
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    The city has just declared a Sanitary Emergency

    I find it ironic and very full of karma that Argentina is getting some of the worst of the swine flu after their very ill-advised and stupid political move when they suspended flights to-from Mexico and made a ton of noise about Mexico's handling of the problem. Just another reason we are all...
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    Is Argentina Doomed?

    I would only say as Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, and John Templeton said " sell at the peak of optimism and buy at the peak of pessimism" Nothing else to respond to, people here love demagoguery and to hear themselves talk, in the end the results for each individual is all that matters...
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    Is Argentina Doomed?

    Well, I disagree completely and actually feel this is the perfect time to invest in Argentina. I have a finance background and all I can say is there are always opposite points of view and that is what makes markets. Time will tell.
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    Housing reality check?

    Look, I do not think there is any hard and fast rule, it all depends on what you find and your negotiating skills. Yes, I do think if you prepay the 6 months you can get 10-15% off and what that starting point is depends on your skills. A friend of mine told someone they had 12 apartments to see...
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    Housing reality check?

    Stingy, I would like to comment on this as 2 of my nieces just moved to BA and I was helping them find housing. I see on this site constantly the issue of rents etc and the pricing being high so I was expecting that to be the case but it is not. When I began to look for places for them, I...
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    Is the Argentine Economy Going to Collapse?

    You cannot compare the two economies.
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    Personal thieves!

    I just went through this myself, had personal for years and always felt it was a rip off on prepaid. Changed to movistar and it is great, lots more credit, great promos and it is way cheaper. I looked into contract and they all wanted DNI or a CUIT if you had a company, I do and thought about a...
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    Toll Free/Freephone number

    Look at vonage, you can creat a virtual number for many european countries and it is very cheap. It essentially allows you to create virtual numbers so they are local calls for people and it rings your mail vonage number. You can add many virtual numbers for various places on the same account...
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    Deadly Swine Flu paralyses Mexico City

    Pericles, this is a flu virus, it has been less deadly than the normal flu and the spread has been really minor. 2000 cases in a population of 400,000,000. My friends in the medical field put it in perspective really well, we have 35,000 deaths a year in the USA alone from normal flu which...
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    Another pickpocket scam ...

    2GuysInPM, That is why you do ok, I also am a little suspicious of taxi drivers but not only in BA, everywhere so I keep the small talk to a minimum and just go about my business. Sure, there are some bad taxi drivers and that can happen anywhere, but as long as you are alert, that will...
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    Great Story- Steve what do you say?

    One more thought, I actually agree with HDM on the attitude thing. I am 40 and have traveled and conducted business all over the world. While there certainly are times when things happen (life is not perfect) my experiences have also been very positive everywhere. I agree with his take that...
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    Great Story- Steve what do you say?

    I just do not get it, I mean good things and bad things happen all over the world, so why do people like Steve and Carolina try to make it the rule not the exception. Carolina, are you Steve's girlfriend? Anyway, it is as simple as looking out for yourself as you would in any big city. I have...