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    Moving sale

    Shelves, some books, and some toys are sold.
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    Moving sale

    MatiArg, Right now I have a few people interested in the whole set, if it doesn't sell as a whole I'll PM you. -Kristin
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    Moving sale

    Nativexpat- Yes, I think the shelves are supposed to be used for storing vegetables, but I use it for office stuff. -Kristin
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    Moving sale

    Computer is no longer available.
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    Moving sale

    We are moving and have some items for sale: All prices are in pesos, but I will take USD also. English books: $10 each The Spellman Files, Lisa Lutz SOLD The Lady Matador’s Hotel, Cristina Garcia SOLD Change of Heart, Jodi Piccoult SOLD The Pact, Jodi Piccoult SOLD Gap Creek...
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    Infant Formula U.S. to B.A.

    I'm still breastfeeding my son so I haven't had to do the transition to the formula here, but from what I've seen you will not find the same brands of formula here. I was told by a friend who does use the formula that there is a lot of sugar in it and it actually tastes like a
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    Will tv work from the US work here?

    Just wondering if a tv from the US will work on a transformer here. It's a 110v 60 Hz tv. I know transformers do not convert the Hz, but I have previously been told it would work...just don't want to blow up the apartment or the tv. Thanks!
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    Planning a Mendoza trip

    My family is planning a trip to Mendoza the during Semana Santa. Anyone have any recommendations for things to do? Take a wine tour, hire a driver, or do it ourselves? Any must do day trips? Any advice is welcome!
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    Photography courses

    I am interested in taking a photography class mainly for recreational purposes, ie pictures of my baby, family life, and travel pictures. Does anyone know of a good club or school that will help me accomplish this goal?
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    Info on traveling to Brazil

    Yes, the business visa is longer than 90 days. My sister-in-law just got one and said it is good for 5 years. I haven't verified is she is correct though.