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    cancelling insurance

    I have been getting Swiss Medical Insurance while I'm here and need to get rid of it so they won't keep sending bills here when I'm gone. I'm leaving tomorrow. I went to their office, and they were open, but told me I couldn't do that because it's a holiday or something. Has anyone else had...
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    Books giveaway

    Hello, I'm leaving for the U.S. soon and have books I've already read that I can donate. I have seven books, six in English and one in Spanish, that are in good condition. Where could I leave these books so that I don't have to take them home? Best Regards, Brittany
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    Local Cell Phone for Sale

    Personal Nokia phone for sale. It's pay-as-you-go, and as long as you buy a Personal card from any kiosko once a month, it works well. It comes, of course, with the charger, and also the instruction manual and the original box it came in. I'm asking $20 pesos for it, or the equivalent in USD...
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    I'm thinking of going to Uruguay soon. Has anyone been to Colonia? What's there to see?
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    phone calls

    I have had a problem that totally mystifies me. Whenever I call a local business on the cell phone I bought here (usually I'm trying to arrange a job interview) there are 5 or 6 rings, then, 3 beeps, and the phone automatically hangs up. This happens when I call the doctor's office or...
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    danger in Recoleta/Barrio Norte

    Just about every day, I hear from my porteña housemate about new rape and assault cases happening in these areas. I've even seen pictures of the suspected "violador serial" taped on people's doors. So, from what I understand, women should be especially careful what with this dangerous suspect...
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    Printing out a CV

    Hi. I have to print out copies of my resume/Curriculum vitae to get a job. I've had some negative experiences in locutorios before. For example, I once spent an hour using the internet and couldn't print out any of my research because the printer was broken and they only had one printer. In...
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    things inexperienced Americans can cook

    I come from a land where dinner comes mostly from the freezer, or a box already containing the seasoning, and soup comes in a can or microwavable bowl with an easy-open lid. Since I have very limited cooking skills (i.e. can't make pasta sauce from tomato paste or cook meat unless it's frozen or...
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    Need help

    Hi. I'm Zenobia. I come from the United States of America, land of convenience. I just moved to Buenos Aires and have a lot of questions. For instance, I bought an Argentina phone at the Personal store on Santa Fe. I do not remember how I got to the store. I also don't know the store...