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    New from the UK

    Hi Claire! My name is Romina and I lived in the UK for some months back in 2004. I had to do the same thing as you, only the other way round. I agree with Marc about chopping the cable and getting some 3 pin plugs. I had to do that with some of my stuff... If you are interested in chatting...
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    Mundo Bizarro Saturday July 14th!!!!

    Hi there! My friends Melissa and Jonas, and me (Romina) are going to a Folk show at 10 pm, but after that we might join you at Mundo Bizarro. We will phone you when and if we get there! Cheers! Romina
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    Cooking classes?

    Hi! Here are some links that might help you... You should try IAG (Instituto Argentino de Gastronomia). Also try Gato Dumas Cooking School ( Here's another link...
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    Dietitian in the city

    Hi! My name is Romina. I am a certified Dietitian, and can speak both Spanish and English fluently. I have 2 offices, one in Martinez, Zona Norte, and the other one in Callao y Santa Fe, C.F. Please give me a call at 15-5407-3839 if you are interested in an interview. Cheers! Romina