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    Casas de cambio for US dollars

    Yesterday, an owner refused three of my notes (dollars) because someone had written on them!!! On point: If you know an owner wants dollars, and that's what was offered and you accepted and you do not bring them with you, you cannot expect to take up residence - can you? I have never known...
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    Dental cost - is this reasonable?

    I am about to embark on more treatment that I started last year, but must say that although not expensive like back home, the costs are 40% more expensive than last time around - that's just in nine or so months. My root canal cost me 780 ARS, a crown was 1200 ARS.
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    It's been sometime since I have been in BA and I am back - love it! Missed it and moaned all the way through my last stay. I have used BAStay once again and I know them through friends and colleagues to have one of the best reps in the business - always honest and always organised and very...
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    Article on ARG Economy and Real Estate

    I replied, but alas I am moderated - maybe because I tried to sell my apartment here?
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    Article on ARG Economy and Real Estate

    I keep an eye out for what Andrew writes, not his tourist 'twaffle' that you can see he spends less than ten minutes churning out. Someone once asked me who is the smartest guy I had ever met, I had met Andrew McCance recently and he is selling my apartment at Tucuman 900 in the Forcadell -...
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )
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    Terrorist state Israel assassinates Hamas leader in Dubai

    I now love this forum! The 'thought police' are yet to censor me (keeping with the Orwellian theme) I am surprised, this forum is becoming a place where people can share their ideas and politics. Well done moderators your forum is growing as a result, long may it last. Power to the people and...
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    Terrorist state Israel assassinates Hamas leader in Dubai

    Of course they are - but can they prove it! The Dubai police have a record not too dissimilar to the 'boys' in black or is it navy here in ARG! Orwellian, I do hope that is your true name or you do a great writer and theologian a disservice.
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )

    Much British distress! Argentina’s method of calculating territorial seas from their mainland continental shelf is agreed by the UN. Cuba is now part of the United States of America and President Sarkosy is now on his way to London to take control of Westminster.
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    Terrorist state Israel assassinates Hamas leader in Dubai

    Yes the passports were forged, funny that, most spies and terrorists function with forged passports. However, my point was made with outlandish conjecture to make my point - you and I really haven't got a clue and we rely on manufactured news at best. There were many who wanted to see this...
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    Malvinas Spat ( United Kindgom beating war drums )

    The British have a long love affair with this most wonderful land and its peoples. Friends of mine had cousins fighting each other at Goose Green and their respective families cringe at these most upsetting rattles of the sabre, but these sentiments are not uttered by the British government...
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    Terrorist state Israel assassinates Hamas leader in Dubai

    Wild speculation, photo-fits of two Irishman with past links to Irish terrorist groups known to work with Arabic and Islamic organizations for money since their cause is done- who are you people, what do you know other than what you read? You make sweeping statements about unknowns based on...
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    Pre-apartment arrangements...

    Hi there, I cannot recommend highly enough, we have been with them now for fives months and we have chosen to live in different parts of the city. There is no 'old bull' just honest advice and good service. We wanted a really cheap place for our son who is coming in...
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    Hair Salon

    Try we were told he is the best in BA and he did not disappoint!
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    Teacher Wine and Cheese Night?

    Teachers strike back! My girlfriend has been used and abused by many of the so-called professional teaching outfits, you should club together and get yourself a website in Spanish and promote like hell to get direct contact with the business sector so you are not working for peanuts and...
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    Argentine wines - great wine choices!!!

    sorry posted in the wrong place!!
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    Argentine wines - great wine choices!!!

    I never really read blogs until I came to Buenos Aires, but found a great Buenos Aires blog just over a week ago with the best wine and food recommendations I have found in Buenos Aires so far. No BS, just good information and a league table of whites, reds, champagnes, roses and sweet wines...
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    Beautiful Argentine Songs

    I agree with you Pericles. I am going to get my list of ARG tracks and link then here today for you. There cannot be very many people called Pericles in Buenos Aires - did we meet at a party last year on a roof in Recoleta? I was with my wife and we were staying in one of BAStay's apartments...
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    I am going on a diet! HELP!! Where to eat?

    Anyone got a list of healthy restaurants in Buenos Aires?