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    EURO 2008 - Good places to watch...

    Hi Dave, I don't know if you will be reading this still before but two of us just cancelled and so we have two seets free on our table. Look out for a flag with a white castle on a red backround, it's the flag of the state of Hamburg in Germany. Are you German anyway? Rgds Jedi
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    EURO 2008 - Good places to watch...

    Dave, Locos por el futbol was packed with Germans yesterday and it will for sure be on Sunday. We already made a reservation for a table. There might also be other places but the above is a save bet. C u there? Brgds Jedi1307
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    Your favourite song?

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird But honestly it's quiet hard to name just one song.
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    ARCTIC MONKEYS at Luna Park

    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that on the comming Wednesday, Oct. 24th, the brilliant 'Arctic Monkeys' will play at Luna Park. I'll be there...
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    Argentine soccer

    So, what's your favourite team here? Ever been to a game?
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    Argentine soccer

    What's the backround of your question? I'm interested in soccer in general and I've got my favourite team in Germany. But have yet not decided which team to chear for in Argentina.
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    Argentine women

    I wonder that non of you has yet mentioned the voices of the women here. Either they sound like a cartoon character or like they were smoking and drinking whiskey since over 20 years.
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    Acabar Bar this Saturday!

    Mike, just as a pre-note: I'll join you. Will send you a message during the day. See you. Oliver
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    an album that changed the world...

    The album mentioned by me to start the forum, is for sure not my only favourite. Absolut must-haves in my opinion are also Nirvana 'Unplugged', Led Zeppelin 'IV', The Prodigy 'The Fat of the Land', The White Stripes 'Elephant', Johnny Cash (mmh which one do I choose here?) 'Live at San Quentin'...
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    an album that changed the world...

    Due to the 20th anniversary of Guns N' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction' which in my opinion is one of the best records ever (if not the best), I would like to take the chance to ask the BA-expats about their favoured album(s). What are your must-haves?
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    Mundo Bizarro Saturday July 14th!!!!

    Hi all, I'll see that I make it, too. You're number noted. See you. Oliver
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    New to BA, looking to hang out

    Where ever it is located now it should not keep us from going there. So, who's interested and who has got the time on Saturday?
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    Hi, I'm not so much of a SP fan. But a music fan, currently especially rock, in general. Rotating on my ipod are the new White Stripes and the new Velvet Revolver. If that's of interesst for you as well, I'd suggest regular record discussions and suggestions at this place. What do you think?
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    New to BA, looking to hang out

    Hi everybody, I also like the idea of going to Opera Bay on the weekend. After we clarified where it actually is now, maybe someone can suggest a good time to meet. Rgds Oliver
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    New to BA, looking to hang out

    Hi all, I'm here since March this year and besides working I haven't done much so far. Just been to some restaurants or Pubs after work. I'm 26 and from Germany. I would also like to meet some new people and as we're more or less all the same age, it should be possible to start something...
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    almost new in BA, looking for contacts and music from Europe

    Hi everbody, I'm Oliver from Hamburg, Germany and I'm in BA since beginning of March now. Of course I'm also looking for contacts but my greatest concern at the moment is how to get the latest (Rock-/Independent-) music (on CD) from Europe (especially UK). Also music from the US is rare here...