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    Operation Condor Some chilling reading here for those who are interested in operation condor, the history, and current related legal cases.
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    Staying Fit In Quarentine

    The Governator has posted his recommendations for stay at home fitness, when reading try to use the Arnie voice in your head, enjoy :D :
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    WHO Daily Adresses

    I think I'll post them in this thread, with a few mentions of key points. Today's WHO Daily Briefing 20/03/20: A message for young people, data clearly shows that people under 50 make up a significant proportion of those requiring hospitalization. Great concern that the virus is taking a...
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    Lollapalooza 'suspended'

    Does this mean it's cancelled, or reacheduled, any ideas? Edit: Looks like it will be rescheduled for 'the second half of 2020'
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    Virtual wallets to be regulated

    Looks like more regulations are incoming. "Las tarjetas de pago deberán tener los fondos en cuentas a la vista, en pesos, en entidades financieras del país y, que deberán estar en todo momento disponibles."...
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    OECD Education 'Ranking' 2019

    Some interesting research just published by the OECD. PISA is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment. PISA measures 15-year-olds' abilities across several core academic disciplines. Here is some analysis from ámbito. Full of data and graphs for those of you who are into that...
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    New Tourist Tax

    New proposals will levy a daily tax for non resident tourists of between .50 - 1.50 USD. Yes, per day! So all those permatourists in BA using all the infrastructure and services while others pay the costs and related taxes, well, maybe those days are over... Cheers...
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    PASO, Party , Policy, Propaganda

    For those of you who are interested, here is some pretty interesting analysis. The article goes into the way in which voters are being fed simplistic rhetoric and then will choose to vote based on their allegeance to some general ideological principles and the persuasive charisma of a...
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    Private Health Insurance 2019

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone has any specific experience with both OSDE 210 and Medicus Celeste/Azul. I am researching and those seem to be the best plans for about 8kish. Has anyone here had both plans? Everyone I ask who has OSDE say they are th best, and everyone with Medicus says...
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    Child Poverty Above 50%

    New research:
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    Easter Weekend City Services

    Hey All! For those who are interested, here is a short article outlining how city services will be working over the easter weekend: "Los servicios públicos en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires funcionarán con un cronograma especial durante este fin de semana largo con motivo de la celebración de la...
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    Stem Cell Treatment Cures AIDS

    It's a non-scaleable and high risk treatment which doesn't work for everyone, but this looks to be a serious step forward. "The landmark case of a patient who has recovered completely from HIV could "open the door" to developing new treatments for the virus, a scientist has said." See article...
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    New Residency Requirements from March 2019

    Hey all! For those of you out there going through residency related processes. From March 2019 onwards you'll need to show no crimes (antecedentes penales) committed in the last 10 years. "Desde el miércoles próximo, para residir en la Argentina deberán acreditar 10 años sin antecedentes...
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    AFIP crackdown on foreign accounts

    Hey All, For all of you naughty expat boys and girls with undeclared accounts outside of Argentina. You may want to read this: Cheers!
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    Argentine Visa Cards Faster?

    An interesting article about how the Argentine visa transaction network and related company's are currently changing. Will this mean more efficient and up to date card payment systems in Argentina? I guess no one knows. Time will tell...
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    New immigrants Policy?

    Is this really a new policy? : Deportation for illigals found to have committed a crime.
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    Bolsonaro takes office :/

    For fachism to rise, all that is needed is for good people to stay silent. Raise your Voices! "Bolsonaro llamó a 'combatir la ideología de género' y prometió 'respaldo a policías' que maten delincuentes" "...instó hoy a que se brinde el 'respaldo jurídico de los policías', con una legislación...
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    High End Recoletta Apartment

    Hi All! A family member of mine has just finished refurbishing a beautiful large high end apartment in a sought after recoletta location. It's now availible for rent. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is interested! Cheers...
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    The Far Right Take Brazil!

    A sad day, and many more to come. Brazil, why did you chose this path?!
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    Sub Tropical Fruit Tree Varieties

    HI All! So, I'm researching which fruit trees grow well in Buenos Aires and , apart from the usual suspects, of figs, citrus, peaches, plumbs, pears etc, I'm specifically looking for sub tropical (or cold resistant tropical) lesser known regional fruit bearing trees. If anyone here has grown...