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  1. citygirl

    Best dentist

    I"m going to need some major dental work done and once the borders open back up, my plan is to fly back to BsAs to have it done b/c of prices. Any current recommendations for someone who can do major work and cosmetic dentistry? (Bridge) I'll be paying out of pocket and not looking for those...
  2. citygirl

    Tango Shows

    We're bringing back some clients to Buenos Aires in a few weeks. One of the things they want to do is a tango show. I have zero experience with those - I went to one once a million years ago but can't remember anything about it other than it was pretty boring. Is there any show halfway...
  3. citygirl

    Guard Dogs For Adoption

    I have four large dogs that are available for adoption over the next few weeks. Not suitable for house dogs but absolutely suitable for campos, quintas, etc. 1) Fila Brasileiro (brazilian mastiff) - Female, turning 4 and will be spayed next week 2) Boerboel (african mastiff) - turning 2 - male...
  4. citygirl

    Int'l Shipping Companies

    Anyone have any recommendations for international shipping companies? I'm looking for door to door service. Doesn't have to be in a hurry (aka container on boat is more than fine) but do nee someone reliable and cost-effective ideally.
  5. citygirl

    Flying With Pets In Cabin/delta

    Anyone flown with their cat or small dog in the cabin on Delta? Do they actually measure the carrier? I confirmed with Delta before buying my ticket on the size of the kennel but when I called today, they told me a different (really small) size. I can order another carrier bag and have it...
  6. citygirl

    Rise In Real Estate Prices Over Past 5 Years

    Calling GS_dirtboy and others - is there a reasonably reliable source to track how much real estate prices have or have not increased (on average) over the past 5 years inside/outside of CABA (i.e., in pvca) and if so, what is it? Or could you share? I can find random notes here and there but...
  7. citygirl

    Plant Question

    Are there any plant people here? Has anyone planted Santa Rita vines here? We've got walls around our farm and I'd like to plant some, they're pretty and bonus - thorns for added security ;) But I'm worried it might get too cold for them. We have some ampelopsis vines planted already and...
  8. citygirl

    Has Anyone Sent Money Into Arg Via Official Means Lately?

    With all the changes, I'm wondering if anyone has sent themselves money via "official" channels? We had a client pay us from the US a few weeks ago and it was a really easy experience - she wired the money, went through the official process and we received it a few weeks later here in...
  9. citygirl

    Paying At Pago-Facil, Etc With Credit Card?

    This is a silly question but I honestly have no idea. Can you pay with your credit card at a rapi-pago, pago-facil, etc? Or do they only accept cash? Or does it depend on what kind of bill you're paying?
  10. citygirl

    Flight Prices Skyrocketed

    Just in case anyone in booking to the US for the holidays - flight prices went sky high (pun intended;) yesterday due to lack of dollars in the central bank. I had flights on hold on Delta for 18,000 pesos and today they are quoting them at 33,000 pesos. Looks like no trip to the US for us...
  11. citygirl

    Going From Temp - Perm Residency

    Asking for a friend. No really - it is for a friend! When you apply to change your status form temp resident to permanent resident - is it done when applying for the 3rd year (i.e., at the end of 2 years and going for your 3rd) or is it done after your 3rd year is complete? He asked me and...
  12. citygirl

    No Fbi Report - Perm Res Granted

    I wanted to update on this as promised. A friend who has been here for several years on a tourist visa finally did her perm residency based on having a kid. She did NOT do the FBI report based on the fact that she has been living here for the past 4 years. She did have occasional trips to the...
  13. citygirl

    "permatourists" And Background Checks

    Is it possible for someone who have been here for years to present just the antecedentes penales from Arg when applying for residency regardless of official status? IE, say you've been living here as a permatourist for the past 3 years and now you're applying for residency based on whatever...
  14. citygirl

    Tomato Price

    Out of curiosity - what are you guys paying for a kilo of tomatoes? I went today and they were 37 pesos a kilo. :eek: Last week they were 24. The lady told me there was a shortage. Anyway, I was curious what prices are in your neighborhoods (and please sure what neighborhood).
  15. citygirl

    Anyone Selling A Phone/phone Repair

    My twins of terror have broken my phone (again). I need to get another one. I'm looking for an android type phone if anyone is selling cheapish. (not interested in buying an uber-expensive iPhone or the like, thanks). I have personal. Also - anyone have any recommendations for phone repair...
  16. citygirl

    I'm Rehoming A Rottweiler

    This isn't an urgent "must go" situation but thought I would put it out there. We got a beautiful 2 YO Rottweiler (papered, male, not neutered) from a breeder as a guard dog a few months ago. Pat (the Rott) is intimidating looking but absolutely sweet with humans. He is NOT however friendly...
  17. citygirl

    Renting Tent/chairs/etc

    This is a long shot but I thought someone might have a family member/friend in the business or know someone good. I'm getting the estimates for our upcoming auction in April. I need to rent a big tent (10x25/30 meters), chairs, tables, tablecloths, tall tables/puffs, glasses, etc, etc. I am...
  18. citygirl

    Calling Expat Super Sleuths

    Can anyone tell me if there is any way to find out to whom a sube card is registered? The burglar dropped his sube card while running out of the property last night when he met one of the dogs unexpectedly. Or are the police the only ones that can access that? I'm doing the denuncia tomorrow...
  19. citygirl

    Fingerprints Done At The Us Embassy?

    I know you can pick up a fingerprint card at the US Embassy but does anyone know if they will actually do your fingerprints there as well? I recently heard they will but was hoping someone could confirm who has been there recently. And if so, is an appt needed? Thanks!
  20. citygirl

    Good Mechanic

    My car needs some repairs (thanks terrible roads) and the dealer is quoting me what I think is absolutely outrageous pricing. Can anyone recommend a good, trust-worthy and reasonable mechanic? It's a VW Bora. I'm in zona oeste but will travel Thanks!