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  1. ben

    Flight to SCL tomorrow. Expensive.

    I might have a few seats available on a flight tomorrow evening from EZE to SCL. There’s a connecting flight from there to Miami with LATAM. I expect the whole thing (including Miami) to cost about 3K USD. If you are willing to pay an absurd amount of money to get to Chile (and/or the US), get...
  2. ben

    Glenn Greenwald charged with cybercrimes in Brazil

    Link: Me, I think this tweet is perfect:
  3. ben

    Selling a car

    Selling a Honda Fit LX 2009. Automatic transmission. 69K km. Has a couple of external knocks from fender benders; no structural damage. I am the third owner and know both previous owners personally. Was serviced, and had oil changed a few months ago. Passed VTV inspection in August. 330K pesos...
  4. ben

    The consequences of a low-trust society

    I came across this today via Twitter. While it’s talking about online culture, it occurred to me that it almost perfectly encapsulates the problems with this country. The Internet Has Made Dupes—and Cynics—of Us All Some salient excerpts (emphasis mine): A bit further on:
  5. ben

    Make all US politicians instantly look Argentine

    It’s quite a thread. Enjoy.
  6. ben

    Miami $600 Return

    This sounds like a good enough deal as to be worth posting. Anybody wants to buy it from a good man at same price as online (and a nicer experience), is welcome to do so.
  7. ben

    MacDaddy plug

    Hi, just wanted to report on a very nice experience. I had some issues with my Mac. I fancy myself a bit more proficient with computers than some percentage of people, so I could keep some problems at bay. Eventually I decided I want someone to give my computer a look-over. Josh "MacDaddy"...
  8. ben

    Blacklist For All Undeclared Mobile Phones

    https://www.clarin.c..._H1ID-i4gf.html http://www.lanacion....lulares-robados So it looks like a new scheme is in the works. It turns out that there already is a blacklist (who knew?) of stolen phones, to which the carriers deny service. The new idea is to weaponize this blacklist, to block any...
  9. ben

    Web Nerdery Question

    Hi all! Against all my expectations, last time I posted a tech question here, I got a good solution and fast (thanks @camel and @MorganF!) So let's try again: I want to be able to load a web page with a few parameters that go into the URL and that are different every time. Ideally, I'd click...
  10. ben

    Latam Airlines - Heads-Up

    So I've been discussing this with a couple of members on the forum (you know who you are), I decided to post a public service announcement in case this is relevant to anyone else. LAN and TAM ostensibly merged to form LATAM Airlines a couple years back. I say "ostensibly" because despite the...
  11. ben

    Any Bash Nerds Out There?

    Hi, from recent threads it's become clear we have some experts in Mac hardware out there - let's see if someone can give a hand with software. I need some help with text variable handling. Specifically, I am looking to put together a bash script that will allow me to drag and drop a file onto...
  12. ben

    South African Airways - Beware!!

    So a couple months ago I issued a ticket for a family of four, traveling from here to Cape Town with South African Airways (hereinafter SAA). Because SAA doesn't have direct flights from here, they fly on a feeder flight with TAM LATAM (Aerolineas also works), connecting to SAA to Johannesburg...
  13. ben

    Still Impossible To Source Stuff

    So I have a Logitech wireless keyboard. It works on solar light - has worked for 3 years without a hitch. Recently it's started to give up the ghost - stopped working as soon as the light was off, and then started acting up even with the light on. I saw early on that behind the keyboard was a...
  14. ben

    Usa Insults Usa

    The headline ejcot ought to have put up. USA 0-4 Argentina Nobody expected the USA to do all that well, but that last goal was pretty embarrassing nonetheless.
  15. ben


    Of the whole three-ring circus associated with CFK's return to Argentina, this bit about the various chants outside CFK's apartment attracted my attention. Maybe I'm reading too much into this and I simply don't realize that cagón is a normal word to sing in the streets at a political...
  16. ben

    The Boca Attacker, 8 Months Later Guy had stuck his arm, at a Boca-River game, in the 'tunnel' via which the River players were to emerge and pepper-sprayed them, sending some to hospital. He's complaining about his life being ruined, he can't bear the torment of having to watch games on...
  17. ben

    Quartz On Cfk('s Twitter) Trolling Of Macri This site has this weird capitalization scheme. Lower-case 'of' - per most style guides - gets capitalized, and conversely all-caps CFK becomes Cfk. Weird. Wanna show thumbs down? Can't - emoji doesn't work here, either.
  18. ben

    Rental Norms

    Hi, quick question that I wanted to put to the collective wisdom of the forum members, particularly as rental questions seem to be in style. I'm on a standard rental contract, with garantia. Of course an annual rent increase was built into the contract - 20%, not bad, but by no means anything...
  19. ben

    Aerolíneas Plane In Close Call At Barcelona Airport
  20. ben


    Was going to ask this for a while... Does tilapia exist in this town?