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  1. pmacay

    Best way to send money to Argentina from UK

    Excellent information, thanks jblaze! When I used xoom the money did go directly into my Buenos Aires Santander account, so it was safe and easy, so it looks like I'll look into WU next time to compare rates and fees. It's always good to have backup options, it's why I tried xoom in the first...
  2. pmacay

    Need US legal documents, POA, notarized

    Girino mentioned above, just google "online notaries", I did and it seems there are many options to get USA documents notarized online from abroad but I haven't checked them out yet, that's this weekend's project. Good luck! I'll try and post my findings next week as I really need to get some...
  3. pmacay

    Best way to send money to Argentina from UK

    Hello jblaze, I heard WU is getting easier/cheaper to use, but what exchange rate do they give you on the transferred money? Is it close to the blue dollar rate or do they use the official Argentina peso exchange rate? It makes a huge difference.
  4. pmacay

    Need US legal documents, POA, notarized

    Thanks for the reply, I'm trying to see if I can do a zoom session and make this happen! I doubt it as I had to give a thumb print in past notarizations. I messaged the USA embassy here in Buenos Aires and still haven't received a reply, I can't believe the embassy would not even send a reply.
  5. pmacay

    Best way to send money to Argentina from UK

    I've used several times to send money from the USA to Argentina, Chile and Brazil. It's owned by paypal. The transfer fees are very small, like $5.00 USA and the exchange they give you is close to the blue dollar rate, not the official bank exchange rate. So it's not the BEST option...
  6. pmacay

    Need US legal documents, POA, notarized

    I'm in this same situation, I need some USA documents notarized and the US Embassy here in Buenos Aires is still not offering this service. Any update on someone who is a USA notary, to notarize something?
  7. pmacay

    Inverter Air conditioners with heating and cooling

    Hello group! We are looking at buying new air conditioners that do both heating and cooling. A friend recommended "Electra" inverter units. Does anyone have any suggestions on other brands/models? I've been comparing prices on Mercado Libre. Electra has two models, one with "inverter"...
  8. pmacay

    Camera Repair - Digital

    Hello, I did a search for "camera repair" but most of the entries are over 5 years old. I have a digital Panasonic camera, it doesn't have a removable lens. I have some "spots" on my images and I'm guessing I need it cleaned from the inside. The camera works fine, just has some ghost images...
  9. pmacay

    Buying a property in Buenos Aires

    I'm not in the business of renting or buying apartments so my experience is just what I've observed in living here. Rents are very low in my opinion, I live in Recoleta and you can rent a large 150 square meter apartment for less then $700 USA a month (that's paying in Pesos at the blue dollar...
  10. pmacay

    Internet service IPlan vs Fibertel

    Hello group! I did a search on the archives and the last message on IPlan was in 2015! We’ve had Fibertel forever and I just got a promotion email from IPlan that they’re offering 200 Megas + WIFI for $1,200 a month, which jumps to $1,900 a month after 3 months. We pay a lot more for Fibertel...
  11. pmacay

    delivery food recommendations

    I live in Recoleta and the Scuzi restaurant is right around the corner from me, so food arrives quickly and hot. Great "bife de chorizo" and sorrentinos with salso carbonara (my usual order). I haven't ordered since the quarantine started but when I walked by on the way to the supermarket the...
  12. pmacay

    Long Distance Telephone service for land lines

    Hello group! For years we’ve used something called “Telefon Dos” that was assigned to our telephone land line. It wasn’t the cheapest option, but convenient. I don’t use the telephone a lot to call the USA, but it was easy to use. As of April 30 they stopped service. I know you used to be...
  13. pmacay

    Feeling out of shape trapped at home with the quarantine?

    That was awesome! Pretty cool family too that everyone would participate, if that was my brother, I'd tell him, "Are you nutz?"
  14. pmacay

    Feeling out of shape trapped at home with the quarantine?

    Hello group! I’ve been using Pablo as a personal trainer for years in the gym. Now with the quarantine, we’re doing remote training in my home using Skype and/or whatsapp. It’s working out great and he’s giving me a great training session with simple household items such as broom sticks...
  15. pmacay

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Yes, they WAY over due it on the cream cheese, and the fish is primarily salmon, I love salmon but you don't want a whole plate of just salmon, it's hard to find a nice variety of other fish. I ordered from Furusato for over 15 years but they appear to be out of business now. Now I order...
  16. pmacay

    Megatlon - Updated Prices?

    Megatlon is expensive, I've been a member since 2000. I go for the cheapest "regular" Megatlon plan (which includes the older gyms), if you pay for a year or 2 years in advance, you get a better deal. I continue to go there because I have a lot of friends there, so it's a social thing too...
  17. pmacay

    Who plans to live in Buenos Aires permanently and why?

    Thanks Ceviche, we're here by choice and we love our adopted country! After 18 years I still look up at the amazing architecture as I walk down the streets and think, "I live in a really cool place!" I can walk to the Colón opera house and have a choripan on the way home! The jacaranda trees...
  18. pmacay

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Sushi is always expensive, no matter where you are, because the fish must be top quality and fresh. The issue is Porteños are not big fish eaters so the turnover is low, which makes the situation worse.
  19. pmacay

    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires Maki Sushi is pretty good quality, nice size nigiri pieces, the problem in Buenos Aires is the lack of variety of fish / shellfish. Most sushi in Buenos Aires is heavily based on salmon, I love salmon but you don't want a whole sushi dinner of just salmon. Furusato was...
  20. pmacay

    Who plans to live in Buenos Aires permanently and why?

    We moved here in Oct 2000 when the ARG peso was pegged 1 to 1 with the USA dollar. At that time it was more expensive to live here then it was to live in California. The goal was to live in and experience a Latin culture (I have a B.S. in International Business specializing in Latin America)...