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    Is Mendoza Nice?

    LMAO Yet here you are. Sorry but you opened that door.
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    Questions about Dating In Buenos Aires.

    Sorry but where did I say it wasn't racist?
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    Anibal Fernandez, a dangerous man

    Best keep an eye out for 'colectivos'.
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    Is Argentina being sabotaged from abroad?

    It doesn't take a crystal ball to see a new Venezuela appearing in Argentina. For the exact same reasons and it's all about the choices that have been made and continue to be made. Elections have consequences.
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    Questions about Dating In Buenos Aires.

    Yes, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Most stereotypes have some basis in fact, or they would never occur.
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    Is Argentina being sabotaged from abroad?

    You may have the right answer when you said “developing country”. Why? Argentina is only 40 years younger than the USA. Developing country is no longer a valid excuse.
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    What should I expect in terms of taxes?

    Based on my research you’d best be seeking legal counsel. You will continue to be required to file and pay US taxes, then file and pay Argentina taxes with a deduction of what you pay the US. Your total tax burden could be as much as 35% plus a social security tax of 17%. Yea, whatever that...
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    WSJ Mocked for Article on Capybaras

    Typical WSJ journalism. I see no difference in Capybaras in Argentine suburban areas than a coyote in my Galveston, Texas yard. Even though coyotes will eat your cat if you aren’t careful, it is their home. The same can be said for Capybaras, except they won’t eat your cat.
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    Potentially Moving to Argentina

    I’m not a tax expert for sure but my research indicates that pension income is not taxed.