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  1. genialf


    Public transportation in BA is pretty decent, I think. More subway lines would do good (how does one go from Congreso De Tucuman to Virreyes without having to go all the way to the center?). Mexico city has a great subway with kids and lots of lines and stations, but the city is so huge that it...
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    That's exactly the point here. I came back home because I found myself missing my hometown for whatever reasons and complaining about everything in Argentina (mostly trivial stuff like the horrible napkins and lack of spicy food). I was always like: in Mexico I can buy whatever I want...
  3. genialf

    Dealing with noisy neighbour in an apartment block

    I don't know where you're all from but I am imagining people from your hometowns being mute and your cities being cementeries! I'm now living in Mexico (but planning on moving back to BA) and the noise problem is the same (except people here don't shout in the streets just about in every normal...
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    Anyone here left Argentina at one point and actually missed the damn place so much to actually go back? I found myself just missing and wondering what was happening down there, what were my friends doing and I realised I had a better time there than in my hometown. I just asked for my transfer...
  5. genialf

    Farewell Buenos Aires

    By 1947 Argentina barely reached 16 million total population. No way there were 15 million immigrants.
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    Farewell Buenos Aires

    I agree on the variety and the spicelessness issues. Steak here is good but they just cut it and put it on the parrilla. Not too much preparation (It's good but sometimes I miss how we used to make asados - which aren't an argie exclusive- back home). The pastas are so horribly heavy and the...
  7. genialf

    Best of the brunch buffets?

    Go to Malvon. It's amazing and quite cheap. It's in Serrano 879 close to the outlets. You won't be disappointed.
  8. genialf

    Anyone else having problems with chip cards?

    It's happened to me a couple of times with my mexican chip card, Hasn't happened for awhile though.
  9. genialf

    Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union

    And next year's award goes to FIFA, or maybe even CFK. It just seems like a joke to me. The EU, while it brings many countries together, it discriminates others. It also contains a bunch of very military prone countries. Sure it's done a lot for integration and social peace (and we're to see...
  10. genialf

    Chavez wins elections, we are screwed!

    To me, this election was just a way to legitimize (¿?) Chávez staying in power. Capriles never had a chance to win. It was all a very orchestrated show. Now he can say: "people from Venezuela Wanted me to stay".
  11. genialf

    Looking for the best "fajitas" in BA

    Friday's fajitas aren't as bad. But yeah, mexican foros here either sucks or is sold at incredibly high prices (35 ARS for a Torta at La Adorada = 105 MXN, when in Mexico you can have one for like 20 MXN).
  12. genialf

    Ques on pay in the UK. Anyone from the UK?

    I almost just quit my job ha
  13. genialf

    Ques on pay in the UK. Anyone from the UK?

    £12,875 per week??
  14. genialf

    Restrictions on PayPal

    I think this is it. Don't know if it was posted before though.
  15. genialf

    Reasons to be happy

    - seeing garbage, the gossip and evanescence Live in October - the gorgeous/hotttttt Argentine men - better bus system than in my country (though my country's subway kicks the subte out of the water). - beef - beautiful city - vibrant nightlife
  16. genialf

    Get your pots out for the lads!

    These people are really angry. They has to drag their butts all the way to their balconies and bang their pots.
  17. genialf

    Get your pots out for the lads!

    Seems like my whole building is joining the cacerolazo.
  18. genialf

    What is the food you miss most from "home?"

    hot sauce made out of chili powder????? Also, jalapeños here aren't spicy at all. The all taste like pimientos morrones. I miss the typical mexican freshly made sauce. Cilantro is very scarce, and I haven't seen green tomatoes. It's just not the same dude.
  19. genialf

    What is the food you miss most from "home?"

    This! Plus corn tortillas, white fresh cheese, real hot sauce.
  20. genialf

    15% surcharge on foreign transactions on Argentine credit cards starting Sep 1

    I've had the same issue with my Santander Río.