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  1. Gringoboy

    Gils Carbo, Procurator Fiscal - Resigns

    According to reports, she resigned because she's 'worn out', which is hardly surprising considering the government has been trying to get rid of her for nearly two years. But of course, there's no such thing as a coincidence in politics. Her K affiliation has always been a thorn in the...
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    1995 - Princess Diana In Argentina

    Behind the scenes.
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    Lanata Deported From Venezuela

    No surprise there then, especially since it's his second run-in with Venezuelan authorities. In 2012 he was held for several hours and later freed, but all his recordings were allegedly wiped. On this occasion however, it must have felt like deja vu. A bit like turning up at your ex wife's gaff...
  4. Gringoboy

    Cristina's Phone Tapes.

    When I heard that Lanata was making a return last night I groaned a little, especially since his recent makeover was a little dull. Anyway, he's back with the old format and opened with House of Grieta and then some delicious audios of Cristina chatting with Pirelli (sic) and revealing aspects...
  5. Gringoboy

    I Passed My Motorcycle Test Today

    For anyone who has ever taken a vehicle practical test here (Prov BsAs), this should come as no surprise whatsoever. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that it was nothing more than a bizarre ritual, disproportionately skewed at around 20/80 to bureaucracy rather than actual proficiency...
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    Argentina As Seen By Foreigners

    Milk in a bag, because it's cheaper.
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    American Airlines 'standard Operating Procedure'?

    A man was pulled off rather forcibly from an AA flight in Chicago and they issued a statement saying 'not in accordance with our standard operating procedure', which must be the understatement of the year, surely. Hired thugs more like it and I'm glad I'm flying BA in June...
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    For All Maple Syrup Lovers

    Fascinating story from the BBC
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    Ridiculous New Laws Targeting The Motorbike Community

    Here we go again. Just because the government is unable to combat armed gangs and robbers (motochorros) who use motorbikes to kill and rob, law abiding bikers will have to be marked out by the obligatory use of a reflective vest with the bike registration printed on it as well as on the helmet...
  10. Gringoboy

    Bargain Hunting In Chile

    This is an interesting post from a bloke who went to Chile on his motorbike in search of cheap mobile phones. Very informative.
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    Latam To Heathrow?

    Anyone had any experience flying Aeroparque/Sao Paulo/Heathrow with Latam? We're considering it for a trip in a few months and it seems to be around 300 USD cheaper than BA/Iberia from EZE.
  12. Gringoboy

    Kirchner Money Laundering Part Xxxvi

    Lanata does a special PPT tonight, Sunday 20th March, especially in light of the recent money counting video. Naturally, La Morsa asks "Is it illegal now, to count money?" Priceless...
  13. Gringoboy

    Motorbike Trip To Salta End March

    This is a trip I was going to do late last year, but a shoulder problem put paid to it and we went by car in January instead, which isn't the same, but it was still impressive. I'll be leaving early on the 30th for the run to Jesus Maria, Cordoba (750 kms), then early the next day to Famailla...
  14. Gringoboy

    Hash Browns Discovered In Coto!

    Purely by chance and they are delicious!
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    Car Towed Away, That's $800, You're Welcome

    Adri parks the car in the same one way street near Olivos train station every time she goes to town and there are no yellow lines down the left hand side where she normally parks it. So they lifted it and she had to trog off about ten blocks to the municipal car pound and it's only a shame she...
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    Argentine Trapito Humour

    Remember that morose bloke on TN who covers grizzly murders and the like, well this is his brother, the funnier brother.
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    Argentine Car Savings Plan Lottery

    Showing my ignorance here, but when we were driving in the wilderness in our little Honda Fit, we realised that we probably needed a car with better ground clearance, say a small 4x4 or crossover. Anyway, Adri mentioned that our cleaner was in a plan for a Ford Ecosport and she was having...
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    Handy Things To Take Travelling And Other Travel Facts.

    4500 kms over 8 days, BA to Tilcara by car and 6 hotels, this little water heating device (pictured below) was invaluable for tea and coffee early in the morning. Cost $60. Garmin GPS in the car, more than useful in towns and cities, backed up by Google maps and a Bluetooth car radio for pairing...
  19. Gringoboy

    Macri Meets Cameron

    A very noteworthy event considering this hasn't happened for donkey's years and let's hope they can discuss other things besides the elephant in the room or at least improve the logistics.
  20. Gringoboy

    Macri Dumping Presidential Aircraft Fleet

    In keeping with the all things Argentina theme, interesting to note how the president is pretty much reversing the trend set by his predecessor. He'll be travelling by regular airlines in future or private jet where necessary. Also interesting to see Prat Gay (still can't get used to that name)...