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    Shipping Things Back To Us

    Hi, I am leaving Argentina to return to the US. I need to send my things back, and am trying to find an affordable way to do it. Mainly I have clothing and books. I remember when I lived in Taiwan, when I went back to the US, I sent my books by ship and it was much cheaper. I'm not sure how I...
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    Who needs a mandolin?

    I don't know about bluegrass shows, but I do know someone who might have a banjo for sale. You can email me at Robert
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    Who needs a mandolin?

    Hi, I sent you a private message about the mandolin. I don't know if you got it, I don't know if you still have the mandolin either, but I am definitely interested if you do. Thanks!
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    Native English Speaker Desperately seeking ANY work

    Hi, I sent you a private message. I may have some programming work for you. Let's talk. Robert
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    Yoga classes in English?

    I have some friends coming to visit for a few months. They would like to take some yoga classes in English while they are here, does anyone have any recommendations? thanks. Robert
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    Someone to play music with?

    Hey, sorry I did not reply earlier. I did not notice the replies. I am still interested, definitely! For a small group, we could meet in my apartment. my cel number: 15-5652-2960 (for now at least, it might change in a couple of weeks). You can also send me an email at: rnajlis at yahoo dot com
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    Someone to play music with?

    Are you still looking for someone to play music with? I play mandolin, and would love to get together with some people to play. Thanks. Robert