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    Rapi & others banned.

    Bajo, Its not that I don’t believe you about the court decisions but I remember when you posted a thread 4-5 years ago declaring that Uber had been banned and it’s worked continuously ever since you posted that thread.
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    Any company offering data only 4G planes?

    Thanks I know how to do that, I was just wondering about the data plan but maybe I’ll go for the prepaid.
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    Rapi & others banned.

    Can someone who has the app (I don’t) check and see if it’s actually stopped working... I remember Uber being “banned” too...
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    stevia vs sugar

    don't like the taste of stevia personally, prefer Sucralose
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    Any company offering data only 4G planes?

    As it says in the title, I'd like to have a backup internet connection.
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    Dress code at law firms, banks, other professional service firms in BA?

    There are plenty. Walk down any major street.
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    US citizen deported at Ezeiza

    . . ... wut
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    Re-entry question after residency expiration

    you should be fine.
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    From LaNacion: Macri lanza un plan para reforzar el control de los inmigrantes

    So basically, residency requirements haven't changed but now you can do most of the tramites remotely rather than at DMN? Is that the thrust of this?
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    Do you fear a crash similar to 2001?

    I think you overestimate how busy the illuminati are.
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    Maple Syrup Found in BA

    Tina & co has some as well, a different brand though.
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    Abortion to become legal.....

    I mean sure, that's one way to frame it.
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    Abortion to become legal.....

    So? 43 is 43 too many. Solving opioid addiction is hard. Keeping people from dying from illegal abortions is much easier.
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    Abortion to become legal.....

    Pensador, Even if you wanted to, you couldn't take the child out of her womb and implant it in your abdomen. If a woman does not want to continue pregnant she should be under no obligation to remain so. Fortunately or not, men never have to confront that condition.
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    Abortion to become legal.....

    Sad only if you're against Argentina moving toward becoming a first world country. Should have left these anti women laws in the last century where they belong but better late than never.
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    New Electric Bill Arrived: And The Total Is....

    Edenor most certainly charges by metered use. I'd check you bill to make nobody is stealing your electricity.
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    Anywhere to find vegemite in Buenos Aires? Or any other Australian things?

    Head to the port. Jump in. Swim east for 9500 miles
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    Free LED bulbs from the City

    I should go buy five cheap bulbs and trade them in. No sense leaving free money on the table.
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    The Sunday you like?

    I cook asaado on Sunday's, Saturdays, as well as Mondays Tuesdays...... Nothing better than grilled meat.
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    Abortion to become legal.....

    Sure it is hers to throw away. It lives inside her body. She decided to get pregnant. She can decided no longer to be pregnant. I don't want the state telling women when to be or not be pregnant.