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    cgt iht

    hello, anyone know if the above taxes are paid on property sales here and abroad for foreign permanent residents.cheers.
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    airfares to uk

    Anyone know why it costs £970 to fly to England and the same dates to fly from England to here,return,are with the same carrier £630....kin rippoff.. me thinks.My friend says they dont want Argies going there so the price is exorbitant...suerte
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    Optomists hoping England win world cup info

    Just beeen looking at the strikers international goal scoring record,don't know about other teams but scares the shit out of me....hope I am wrong. Crouch scores every 1.85 games:37(20)20 Rooney 2.3 :58(4)25 Defoe 3.5 :39(26)11 Heskey...
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    world cup

    For the English fan the world cup games for us start on Sat.12 June. Kick off 3-30pm against the Yanks.How about watching it in the pub with some of our American cousins?????? Fri.18 June ko 11am Alegeria.Wed 23 ko 11am Slovenia.suerte England.
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    Anyone know the address of head office in BA of Buquebus....that deal with complaints.Steve o Sarasara.......suerte
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    tourist going back to UK

    Do you still have to pay an exit tax if so how much is it(dollars y pesos) suerte
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    dni application

    Finally got round to applying for my DNI.Took me about one hour at the rigistro de personas and they gave me a strip of paper with some bits of info and the payment slip attached($45).They told me to return in about 18 months.....told them they would need a new photo by then.....can't understand...
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    residencia permanente

    When I got the above the migraciones gave me two sheets of paper with the relevant info on them,signed and stamped by the bos and that was it.No stamp in the pasport as with temporary one year rentista visa and wasn't asked to pay anything.Is there something I am missing or is that...
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    any older expats out there

    Hola out there.I am called Daniel,new to this site,I am about 58 years young and from Hastings England.I live in La Plata which is about 60-70kl from BA,takes about an hour on the bus depending who is demonstrating and which roads are closed.I don't drive over here to dangerous for me,people...
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    permenant resident visa

    Hola everyone. I have a rentista visa and have lived here over three years.I contacted a lawyer in BA to do the work for me which is preety simple.I was shocked at the cost nearly uSd 1000 plus uSd240 for apolice certificate,which I get every year here in La Plata for about $6o(pesos).There are...