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    San Juan, ARG

    Considering a trip to Mendoza and wondering if anyone has visited or know anything about the town of San Juan just north of there. Any info appreciated.
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    Chavez wins journalism award...

    ...yes, that Chavez. And in accepting the award he stated: Venezuela also has "absolute freedom to criticize, absolute freedom of thought, absolute freedom of expression. It's just the bourgeoisie that wants to impose its voice. It doesn't want to hear the voice of the people. And we...
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    Viva Irlanda!!

    As St. Paddy's Day approaches, here's a link to a comprehensive article in Irish Central about the Irish in Argentina Sláinte!
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    Good article in NYT that takes a look at inflation in ARG. Passage about hyperinflation reminds me of the story Bedside Manners by Luisa Valenzuela when a character tries to explain how quickly prices have been rising: "It's incredible, hyperinflation they call it, we're world champions at that...
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    Stella! Stella!

    So considering that I read this in the BA Herald, I want to believe that maybe something was lost in the translation...but I kind of doubt it. I love me the Abuelas, I truly do. But if it's true, this is just bad form. Did anyone hear the original radio interview? Grandmothers of Plaza de...
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    El Adios a Nestor

    So I've been watching el velatorio on TV and trying to make who's who of the family. I see the daughter and a woman I think might be either Cristina or Nestor's mother. Can someone tell me if her son is the guy with the long hair and scraggly beard wearing a windbreaker?
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    Bombon - Enjoy some sweet bites...

    Hi all, Wanted to share my blog with anyone here that has an interest in Latin American arts. My posts don't always focus on BsAs, as my time is split between LA, BA and points in between, but this most recent one does. Hope you enjoy... mobri
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    World's least expensive cities

    Interesting slide show of the 10 least expensive cities in 2010. The cities were ranked as the least expensive in the world by the 2010 Mercer Cost of Living Survey, released in June.,0,5139659.photogallery
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    Fashion Week Advice

    Has anyone on this forum attended BAFWEEK? I'd love to go when it returns in August and I'm hoping my niece will fly out to attend with me. How easy/difficult is it to get tickets? Can you make purchases in the showroom or is this only for retail buyers? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    On his way to Argentina?

    Is the prime suspect in the Natalee Holloway case on his way to Argentina after fleeing Peru? Interesting story.
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    HELP - Parental Unit Coming to ARG

    So my parents are planning a vist to BA and I'm trying to find them a hotel that they will be happy with and I won't have to worry too much about them (Mom is 76 and Pops is 79). I'd prefer they stay in Puerto Madero or Recoleta. To complicate things, they like places that offer complimentary...
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    Hugo Chavez on Twitter

    Anyone else following Hugo Chavez on Twitter? I'm using it as kind of a 'Spanish words of the day' exercise. ;)
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    Boca and Banfield Sunday

    A friend and I are thinking of going to the Boca Jrs. and Banfield game this Sunday. Does anyone know if we can purchase tickets day of the game or do we need to get them in advance? If anyone would like to join us give a shout out.
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    Velma Cafe tonight?

    Thinking of going to Velma Cafe tonight to see the Lucas Sedler concert (blues musician who studied with Botafogo). Anyone interested in joining me? Starts at 21hrs.
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    Iguazu Falls

    I'm planning on taking a sidetrip to Iguazu falls for a few days in early December. Does anyone have any hotel or other recommendations? Thanks!
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    Spin in BA

    Hi all, I'm new to this group. I'm returning to BA in November and I'm hoping to find a Spin studio in the Barrio Norte area. Any recommendations? Also, I'm hoping to bring my bike shoes with me. Does anyone knows what kind of clips are used in the BA studios? Thanks! Maureen