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    Spicy food in BA

    I have never heard of "mash" and "akbar 72". Are these authentic Indian restaurants.
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    Planning to start a Indian resturant in Buenos Aires

    @Prabhu, I am a Indian guy living in BA for 4 years now. I have eaten in all Indian restaurants here and I must say food is awful! Some people have mentioned NYC Indian restaurants. I have lived a long time in NYC as is awful! The main flaw is that Indian restaurants in BA and NYc...
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    Arrival date flexibility of tourist visas

    you can arrive anytime within the validity of your Argentine visa. The day you arrive, you will be granted a 3 month stay.
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    Argentine citizenship for foreigners?

    I have started working on my citizenship application with Bajo_cero2 and I must say that I am very impressed with the way, he has been handling case and giving me legal advise at every step. In fact when we went to the chamber, to get a judge assigned for my case, the staff there started...
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    Looking for newspapers dated Sept 2008 and Oct 2009

    I am looking for hardcopy newspapers such as Buenos Aires Herald or Clarin dated Sept 2008. Where can I find them? Or if someone still has them in his/her house? Even 2 or 3 newspapers of these dates will suffice. Thanks
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    Your Favorite Restaurants?

    Indian and Thai food anyone? How is "Phuket" in Palermo Hollywood.
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    New Taxi Rates

    I agree the taxi is still cheaper than many countries. Especially if you compare it with taxis in Sao Paulo or New York or Singapore or London or Hong Kong.
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    Argentine Citizenship for foreigners: Can it really be this easy?

    i have been in conversation with Bajo Cero for my citizenship application. And I must say he looks like a very competent and a smart lawyer.
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    El Alamo-Closed By Gov

    That means its dangerous to have bars here!
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    Argentine Citizenship for foreigners: Can it really be this easy?

    I think it makes more sense to Argentine citizenship than US citizenship. if it comes to that.
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    what is this half page original certificate?
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    Reliable Airport Taxi Service

    A few times they dont arrive in time to pick you up and you can end up missing your flight. It happened to me 2 times. The way to do is use taxi ezeiza when you arrive at eze and when you are leaving back, just hail the taxi.
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    Reliable Airport Taxi Service

    just hail a taxi on the road...give him 100 pesos all inclusive. Thats the way to go.
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    Argentine Citizenship for foreigners: Can it really be this easy?

    Roxana, you clearly don't understand the concept, advantages and importance of dual/multiple citizenships
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    The Ideal Life in Baires

    Which is your favorite Indian restaurant here and why?
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    Has anyone used post paid cellphone plans here?

    I have so far used only prepaid plans which I somehow find very very expensive making me spend close to 200 pesos a month for few calls. And plus my number changes every time if I travel outside of Argentina. I am thinking of taking a fixed line. I want your views on the best provider for a...
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    tourist visa not renewed in Colonia!

    Mr Bajo, What are the implications for taxes on worldwide income as a citizen? especially if one does not live here 6 months a year but still has family here and wants to be a citizen.
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    Visa advice: I want my Argentine friend to come visit me in the USA!

    yes, a personal invitation letter with a wedding card would help. but if she shows no ties to Argentina, it could be a problem.
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    company/S.R.L. for sale

    Will you like to post your contact details here?
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    El Alamo...great place minus the obvious! (Owner read)

    who is the owner of El Alamo? Argentine ? Profile id here??