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    Anyone Moving From The Netherlands To Ba?

    Any Dutchies nosing around here because they are planning a move to Argentina? We would like to talk about sharing a shipping container. We have been living here for almost 4 years and have some stuff back in the Netherlands we would like to surround ourselves with in BA. It's not that much, so...
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    Setting Up A Biz In Panama

    I know we are supposed to talk about BsAs and AR only here, but still though there might be somebody out there with experience in starting a company in Panama. I'm looking for a trustworthy connection and all info possible to open a company there. Thanks!!
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    Phone plans, insurance, and dentists

    Hi there, great info. Does anybody also know if kids are free in Argentina in a private medical plan? TXS
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    Jazz Night Out Tomorrow

    Hi, do we need to order tickets, or will you do this for the group?
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    Jazz Night Out Tomorrow

    Hi Supercharged / Nancy, We (Pascal & Jessica) would like to join you guys tomorrow. Pls PM me. Pascal
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    Sim Card For Iphone

    My experience is that they might say they seel micro sims, but they don't. I simply got a regular one and cut it. Fits perfectly well.
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    Help: Need Sports Medicine Doctor!

    Are you looking for a Physical therapist? I have one visiting me at home (I live in Zona Norte), solving my running injury. He does a good job and also helped a Dutch friend of mine when he broke his leg. His practice is in Hurlingham. If interested, PM me!
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    Paying Car 'patente'

    Yep, it got transfered. Thanks for the tip!!
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    Paying Car 'patente'

    Hi all, Bought my car in November last year. The previous owner informed me that the Patente payments would be visible on This was true for the last payment in 2012, but so far in 2013 I did not receive any bills on my home address or on the agip website. Maybe I shouldn't complain...
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    Argentine Business Partner Question

    Divepa, not a 'sales call', but out of occupation curiosity. What type of freelancers do you use. Marketeers? Txs
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    Need A Spanish Tutor In Zona Norte

    Thank you for your offer, Sophia! But it would definitely have to be in the morning for me. And, Lejohnson, I am still searching.... Jessica
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    Need A Spanish Tutor In Zona Norte

    Hi Mary, Perhaps you found your tutor by now, as your post is a month old? What level of Spanish are you at? I am looking for Spanish classes in the morning as well (yep, kids in school) and I live in Martinez. I would like to be in a small intermediate group, if I can find one. If not, then I...
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    Argentinian/latam Marketing Networks?

    Gilesp, can't seem to find a local AGP for BA through Google. Do you have a bit more info? Further, what type of work do you do in the sector? Interested to hear what you do and how you experience it!
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    Argentinian/latam Marketing Networks?

    My company is a marketing research based consultancy. We work worldwide in different industries, eg banking and FMCG. Most is consumer or employee focused.
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    Argentinian/latam Marketing Networks?

    Hi Borracho, I'm looking for (International) Marketing Directors / Insight Managers / Research Managers, responsible for brand positioning, NPD and so on. Ciao
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    Argentinian/latam Marketing Networks?

    Hi all, For the last six months I've been enjoying the Argentinian country & culture. For the development of my marketing and research business I'm looking to connect with (international) marketing and research professionals. So far I've been unable to find strong networks for Argentina and/or...
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    Car Needed To Rent Over Holiday Season

    Hi Emma, Congrats! For a small car (Gol 3 puertas) charges below $200 per day if you rent for 2 weeks. Might be a nice option. Good luck!
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    Judo In San Isidro

    Our 4 yo son needs something more physical to loose his energy. I was thinking about Judo. Anybody knows a school in the San Isidro area (preferably Martinez)? Thanks!
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    Thank You!

    2. Pace of life: 'all' families enjoying their Sunday outside, runningclub at 8PM, dinner at 10PM, nobody in a rush to get away and . Nice!
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    Buying A Car

    Thanks all, I thought it was my Spanish that I couldn't find it at ANSES. I checked AFIP and all is clear to me. Will start the process tomorrow, bcs I'm already driving the car... :)