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    Standing in line.

    So, I will admit right off the bat that I don't understand the Argentine concept of a line. I've spent two years in the country between my various trips and I just kinda accept whatever happens. Folks cut in front of me, bump my legs from behind with their carts. Whatever. I just stopped...
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    Venting on BAexpats...

    I am one of the quiet lurkers that occasionally visits this site. I used to cringe a little reading the criticisms and complaints about Argentine society/politics/behaviors. Something inside me used to think it was inappropriate and in poor taste to come to a forum -for foreigners- and talk...
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    Inter-city bus service

    Hey everybody, Just curious if anyone has seen an update on when bus service between cities is set to resume? Everything I see online confirms that everything is shut down until further notice. Thanks in advance for any information