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    Curious, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers in buildings ?

    I was having a discussion with my neighbour the other day. When I told her my father used to install fire sprinkler systems in huge office buildings she was facinated, never heard of such a thing. Turns out shes not the only one. So just curious to know if any apartment buildings that anyone...
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    Really great Link !

    Hi all thought I'd post this link: Its really great, you pick a place .e.g. Mar del Plata, Mendoza e.t.c and it lists: Photo gallery tours and activities tourist services where to sleep where to eat real estate what to buy how to get there...
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    Anyone coming to Mar del Plata or Miramar ? Meet up?

    Hi all :) I moved to Argentina a few months ago to live here. (just found this forum now yeay). I'm 25, been living in Toronto Canada. Anyways I'm currently living in Miramar which is a 30 min drive from Mar del Plata. Wondering if anyone was heading to the coast this summer and would like to...