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    western union transfer to unsupported bank (wilobank)

    I made my first attempt to use Western Union to make a transfer to Argentine bank account. When specifying recipient there is list of banks to choose and it does not contain my bank which is WiloBank. Is there any way to transfer money specifically to WiloBank?
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    Is PCR needed to leave via Ezeiza??

    With new regulations in place is PCR result needed to board a flight in Ezeiza?
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    So where does one find tracking number for DNI?

    I have numero expediente which is 10 digits (and the last 4 digits of this number is the year when the process has started). I have some CUIM number which is 2 digits dash 8 digits dash 1 digit (total of 11 digits). Also I have disposicion (resuelto) number which is mere 5 digits. And I have...
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    Expiration of precaria while outside of Argentina

    Must be common question but I cannot find this anywhere. What if a person has pending permanent residence petition as well as precaria, then leaves Argentina and precaria expires while he is outside of the National Territory. What are consequences of this?