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    An Experienced Waiter Needed Part Time, Full Time Or Weekend

    A fun restaurant in the arts district of La Boca, 100 m from the new Arts Center is looking to add an experienced waiter with a great attitude to its team. Great environment, diverse clients, from families of the neighbourhood to politicians and producers, music performed on the weekends...
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    2Br - Penthouse In Parque Lezama - $ 900 Usd/month

    A spectacular 2-bedroom apartment with panaromic views of the park and Puerto Madero, 2 terraces, 2 balconies, wi-fi, cable, light and bright on the top floor. Lots of busses that will take you anywhere in the city, walk to San Telmo and Puerto Madero. Very private, the only apartment on the top...
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    Should I Enroll In Usa Health Insurance

    Btw, ypou do not need a DNI for a medical insurance in Argentina. I don´t have one and have had my insurance for 5 years now
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    ¿periodismo Para Todos Vs Fútbol Para Todos?

    ¨"My limited intelligence" were the only sincere and truthful words in Matiasba's ranting. Is this guy paid? I know lots and lots of those...
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    From Boston to Argentina

    Montauk_Project: I am curious as far as how much you get paid to write these things? I know there is a serious budget the for the government public relations on forums, facebook, twitter, etc. To say the economy is doing well, you gotta be insane and needing badly the services of psychiatrist...
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    Farewell Buenos Aires

    This whole thread leaves me quie indifferent, as I know you gotta be insane to like it here...But pizza??? GS_Dirtboy, I feel so sorry for you..That one I enjoy -- extra thin crust pizza, with NO cheese, with a variety of toppings, or with cheese and tomatoe sause, green onions, barbequed...
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    One Year Later: 10 Things About Ba That Now Seem Normal

    you are crazy, tangueraintrepida:) You ever had any doubts about it?
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    Argentne Citizenship: A Good Reason Not To Do It

    A comment and correction in regards to ElQuesos´s post: it is very easy to open a bank account in Uruguay with an american (or any, for that matter, passport) I just did it a month ago, with a $$ 1,000 and no hassle
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    Transferring Money out of Argentina

    A separate question. I am selling my house in Buenos Aires and I am lucky to have a buyer with a Swiss bank account who can transfer money anywhere I tell him to. My undertanding is the money should not be taxed if I choose to bring it back to the US (I transfered it FROM the US originally for...
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    Do you have pets?

    Trennod, I can easily solve your problem. I have an adorable 2-year old pug, who I need to house with someone when I travel. As a matter of fact, I need to be in Uruguay next week, just for a few days, and my friends who are so much in love with him and always take care of him when I am not...
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    Phisically carrying USD

    such a a paranoid bunch..I used to carry over 20,000 usd in my hand luggage every year, went trhough a scanner in the US, no problem..never declare. Moeny-sniffing dogs? You watch too many bad movies! They don't even detect knives or weed!! Not that I encourage anyone to do it :)
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    moving with kids to B A

    and dryers: some of them are way superior to the US ones
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    Could you please elaborate on what you meant by keeping the tourist status clean, not "permatourism"? I have been living in Argentina for about 6 years, but never got a DNI. Thinking of buying a car. I keep my visa status current (prorogas or go out of the country every three months) -- is that...
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    Colonia Express?

    Colonia Express could be fast, convenient and all that IF it does not break. Which happens. And THEN you are stuck in Colonia, unless BouqueBus is not fully booked and they would let you in. It happened to my kids.
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    Samsung Android Phone For Sale

    I will be second in the line :)
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    Is this the right time to buy a property in Argentina?

    I live in Nunez. And would not dream of living anywhere else, well, some parts of Belgrano, perhaps. This neighbourhood was not mentioned by Pericle, since he is giving advice for the tourists. I put my place for sale ($20,000 USD higher than 2 reputable realtors' companies appraisals) and had...
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    Does this monthly budget sound right to you?

    Almagro is a good area? Excuse me?
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    Dentist Recommendations?

    jaja!! Mercury dentistry exists only in the US and perhaps in Northern Korea (not sure about the last but postive about the first)
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    Prices soaring at Mercado Central

    Isn't this a spam post? The poster did not even reply when asked specifically where this mercado central (that noone seems to know) is located. With certain prices up recently, I need to say that the prices he quotes as of three weeks ago are in reality the prices of more than a year, year and a...
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    Expat Documentary Film

    I agree with those who point out the fact that many expats who came abut 8 to 6 years ago are leaving now. Having done a lot of real estate, I see a bunch of luxury properties bought in those days for next to nothing, remodelled for next to nothing as well compared to labour costs back home, are...