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    Bolivian Visa

    Hello, Does anyone have any recent experience getting a visa for Bolivia as a US citizen? As usual, the intertubes are providing conflicting information.
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    Does anyone know of a good expat site for Barcelona? There are many, but I didn't find one with much info. Or, has anyone lived/worked in Barcelona? Specifically, I need to know how hard it is for expats to find an apartment at local prices. Thanks!
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    Back Again: First Impressions

    So, I'm back for a month. This is the second time since I "left." Here are my impressions: Flight: As usual, I have to explain the United checkin staff in Austin that I do not need to pay the reciprocity fee with a DNI. After 10 minutes of confused looks and a phone call I was on my way. A...
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    The Us Is Under Attack
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    Karo Syrup

    I have a friends who have two pecan trees. I told them I would send them a recipe for pecan pie, but I realize all the good recipes use Karo/corn syrup. Normally I avoid that at all costs, but it makes a great pecan pie. Any clue if that is available in AR? Or can anyone suggest an alternative?
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    The New 50
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    Devastating News For Baexpats And no, it's not from the Onion.
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    Fire In Barrancas

    Anyone see this: Seems a bit odd to me...
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    Shipping Books Back To The Us

    Hello, I need to figure out a way to get a bunch of books back to the US. No, it's not an option to get rid of them. It doesn't matter if it takes a while for them to get there as long as they eventually get there! I have close to 300. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Difficult Desicion

    So, some of you may remember me asking about working in Uruguay a few months ago. That didn't pan out, but instead turned into a job offer in Austin, TX. I just signed the offer letter earlier today and will be leaving Argentina at the end of February. It was one of the most difficult decisions...
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    Strange Request From A Potential Employeer In Uruguay

    Hi BAExpats, Since many of you have a lot of experience traveling from country to country with work, I'll share a little anecdote with you to get your opinion. I've recently been negotiating with a US company (medium-size, IT) that has an office in Montevideo. They approached me via Linked-In...
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    Work Visa For Uruguay

    Has anyone on the forum worked in Uruguay? I may have the opportunity to move there with a work visa, but would like to know how long the process takes, etc. Thanks!!!
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    This Will Make You Laugh Or Cry

    Don't say I never gave you anything.
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    Anyone Familiar With Asunción Or Paraguay In General?

    I'll be in Asunción for 4 weeks in July taking Guarani courses during most of the week, then traveling to other parts of the country during the weekends. How is Asunción? Are there cafes, bars, etc. to hang out in during the evening? Also, any recommendations for places to visit elsewhere in...
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    Feutuccini Mario (Columbian Drug Lord Captured)

    Any one know the restaurant Feutccini Mario in Pilar? You never know who is at the table next to you: