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    7 Years In Buenos Aires, C.f. Here Now 45 Years Please Read!

    This has got to be the wackiest crap I have read on this site in years. Maybe filtering is necessary.
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    7 Years In Buenos Aires, C.f. Here Now 45 Years Please Read!

    I've had trouble following this entire story. I'm sure that these people are not prisoners of Argentina and can leave if they choose to do so!
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    7 Years In Buenos Aires, C.f. Here Now 45 Years Please Read!

    If you are disabled why wouldn't you get a disability check monthly from the US?
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    Pickpocketed, And Passport Replaced

    And if they say that we are going to be friends forever, which has happened quite a few times, run faster than you think that you possibly can run.
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    Just Moved From Boston

    Welcome to Buenos Aires! I'm sure that you will have a great time here. My advice to you, tread lightly in the expat community. There are some nice people here but take it slow because many will take advantage of a kind soul!
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    Best Countries To Live In

    Or they say that they will set themselves on fire!
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    Mauricio Macri ... Next President Of Argentina

    Is the Buenos Aires Herald still in denial? They haven't even updated their main page online. Showing that the election is still going on.
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    Moving Soon To Palermo

    we are another of those strange people that got married. Contact us when you get to town
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    Moving Soon To Palermo

    I'm sorry but matt84 really sounds like an idiot.
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    Moving Soon To Palermo

    time to wrap your head around it - they are married !
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    Blue Rate

    What is the current blue rate? I have two website that normally have the rate but for some reason neither work.
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    Power Blackout In Recoleta & Palermo May Continue....!

    Hopefully the people aré smart enough to realize that the K klan is behind this and just want to make Macri look bad. I guess we have to wait until next Sunday.
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    Cheapest Way To Ship From Us To Ba Or Earn $50

    Not a disease :)
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    Where Can I Find Ex-Lax In Baires?

    Eat a choripan, that will loosen the situation :)
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    Jail Sentences For Derogatory Comments On The Web.?

    The expats should have a lot of company in jail.
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    What Are "sheeple", Exactly?

    Gone with the Wind and War and Peace were shorter!
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    Quality Of Life In Usa Vs. Argentina

    Customer service in Argentina? Are we being punkd? :)
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    Argentine Judge Embargoes Falkland Islands Oil Companies

    CFK is trying anything and everything before she leaves office, if she is leaving!