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    Any company offering data only 4G planes?

    As it says in the title, I'd like to have a backup internet connection.
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    Saw musicman in Belgrano.

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    Weekend Hiking Trip

    Hey guys, I'd like to drive out of town this weekend with the dogs and do some light hiking in some place with mountains (or hills) and rivers/lakes. Any recommendations? I was thinking leaving here Thursday afternoon and maybe driving back on Monday morning. Don't care at all about bars or...
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    Why Are We So Much More Violent Than Our Neighbors?

    So I saw this chart making the rounds on social media as part of the response to the shooting in Las Vegas but what jumped out at me were the differences in outcomes between Argentina & Chile. What is Chile doing right with respect to gun ownership and what are we doing wrong?
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    Stupid Edenor

    I really hate you.
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    Tarifazo Frozen By Judicial Decree!

    Pool cum sauna party at my house this weekend! BYOB! I'm setting the pool for 36 C but the outside air will still be a little chilly so if anybody has any plug-in heaters, bring them and we'll set them up all around the yard. If we have enough we should be able to keep it a reasonable temp...
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    Are. You. Kidding. Me.

    What is this Pokemon crap? It's been out for 2 days and the streets are full of idiots staring at their phones. On another note, to the forum members who flaunt your Bronze Age cell phones can stop terrifying newcomers re: danger of bringing a smart phone to bs as.
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    Die Soldaten

    If it's not already sold out, go! Excellent performance. Beyond excellent. Best production I've seen personally at the colon. Actually one of the best operas I've seen anywhere.
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    Terrorist Attack = Cacerolazo?

    Heard the pot banging and checked la nacion to see what was up. Can't believe it. France doesn't deserve this. Still I've never seen a cacerolazo for international news before.
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    Al Palo Cheers to the ever talented Dr. Rubilar. As someone once said, it's been a long road since when they used to gun me down in San Cristobol. :P Felt so good I even bought a flag lapel pin at a Libreria in tribunals. Seriously.
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    Yesterday at Carrefour and I saw something absolutely shocking (actually two things if you count the McPussy sponges). I was wandering around looking for something else when I noticed grey poupon mustard on the bottom shelf next to the floor and did a double take. The price was unbelievable...
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    Jaime Bayly En Lanacion.

    One of my favorite journalists Jaime Bayly is in country an stopped by LaNacion for an (unfortunately tabloidsh) interview: http://www.lanacion....ion-y-miss-peru
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    Dear Portenos

    It's 20 C stop acting like its 20 F.
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    Macri On 60 Minutes.

    Not great substance wise, mostly People magazine BS. Interviewer is annoying. Macri's english has gotten a lot better in the last few months.
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    Can Dogs Eat Morcilla?

    Anybody know. They seem to want it but I don't know if I should give them the left over
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    Pleasant surprise at Carrefour today. Haven't tried it yet but that's quite a bit cheaper than the la Suerte cheddar.
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    Electric Meter: 2 Readings?

    Anybody know why some electric meters (and corresponding bills) have two numbers on them? What is the difference?
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    Attn Young People: <35 Yo

    50% off your first subscription @ the colon. Have to go in person. The line is absurd take a book and a lawn chair (3.5 hrs in line even after a full day of sales being open). As of closing tonight there is still good stuff available. Just picked up Opera Nocturno for ~8000 instead of ~16000...
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    Scheduled Blackouts

    Check the schedule. Thankfully I'm safe, but then again so far I've also been safe from unscheduled blackouts which might have something to do with it. Have to say though...
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    Futbol Culture Has Gone Too Far!

    First the choripans and the ugly hats now this!