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    Arrive Mid Jan from UK!

    Used to live in Hastings down the coast from you.have a spare room you would be welcome to use till get sorted in BA but i live about an hour by bus from the metropolis.suerte.
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    cgt iht

    hello, anyone know if the above taxes are paid on property sales here and abroad for foreign permanent residents.cheers.
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    tax on world wide income

    What documents do they provide when you get the above.I got three pages A1,not sure of paper sizes,or 3...? signed and stamped by the migraciones department. Stevie.....
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    airfares to uk

    Shef, didn't understand your message??the summer winter thing is not that relevant the school holidays are when the prices increase in UK and here also. so your logic:going to uk in the summer is why it costs more...but leaving from uk in summer,high season?,costs entiende. fact the...
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    Watching the World Cup

    well will off to watch the cupy in ENGLAND..thank fuck i here you say...ta non taken I just dont want to be here when Argentina win..even though mi novia is bobos..Argie if Englnd play like they did against the Mex its sadness all round...suerte
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    Watching the World Cup

    you will probally find "herself" somewhere round chaves's bits.....the only game she is interested in....."bolazoooooooo" hugo.....suerte shame about Noren Irand but what do you expect from a team full of cheating french africans and micky plastecine being the the other bloke septic...
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    airfares to uk

    Anyone know why it costs £970 to fly to England and the same dates to fly from England to here,return,are with the same carrier £630....kin rippoff.. me thinks.My friend says they dont want Argies going there so the price is exorbitant...suerte
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    Dolllyy get married to a nice Argie...what about Julio...suerte....
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    Where should I play tennis?

    well I normally play on a tennis court...hope this helps
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    How to talk to Argentines English caues you use very long words in your comments...intelectual one presssssumes.but you are a bit of a dreamer....what is the point of you here in Argentina....suspect yu are about 30ish with an attitude problem and no idea about football or life in genaral in this...
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    How to talk to Argentines

    for the boy ali
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    Looking for investors

    still waiting for the info on me email from Pat....
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    Looking for investors

    StevieB....luved your comment...cracked me up....suerte...
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    How to talk to Argentines

    As with all these posts...the original gets lost as the reponses come do you talk to argentines and the slagging of yanks....If you are frightened of the locals don't speak to them...if you are frightened of declaring your nationality then fuck off back to where you come from....I...
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    Optomists hoping England win world cup info

    Well YOYO....its fact and he is a tall boy....don't disagree with your opinion... how can the Peskey bloke be called a forward,striker,goal Cappelllo giving him one...opportunity because he likes him alot....who knows....I would prefer a wheelie bin....the same ball control as...
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    world cup viewing for the english

    Canada might beable to humiliate Argentina in a lot of ways but I don't think football is one of them....good luck anyway put a jumper over the top then you have a choice of who sees what...
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    Looking for investors

    sounds like the stuff my mate has under his foreskin after his trip to Bangkock ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    back in the USA... ahhhhh

    I think they close for one day.....but if you are clued up you can go to the supermarket and buy what you want in the drinkie department......a bit draconian but if need the stuff that bad you find a way...and go to a mates place for a pleasant evening on the piss!!!..suppose you are on about...
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    Optomists hoping England win world cup info

    AL I admire your confidence...lets hope you are right...suerte....English football suporters or other wise don't have much to say on here...??????
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    Optomists hoping England win world cup info

    Just beeen looking at the strikers international goal scoring record,don't know about other teams but scares the shit out of me....hope I am wrong. Crouch scores every 1.85 games:37(20)20 Rooney 2.3 :58(4)25 Defoe 3.5 :39(26)11 Heskey...