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    What we had for dinner tonight

    Forget the recipe, please post an invitation to the next dinner! ;)
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    Rainstorms in BA- love them or hate them?

    Love, love, love them.
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    Can I just disappear in Argentina?

    Interesting screen name...a movie character who is an armed bank robber.
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    Clothing in buenos aires

    Pumssi is right, the handbags and shoes are to die for!!
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    Clothing in buenos aires

    If you're fond of fashion from the 80s, you'll love the shopping here.
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    Elections in BA

    Friends don't let friends dance drunk...oh wait, yes they do and they get it on video! :D
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    where do all the adults hang out?

    Great suggestions. To Miles' list I would also add Velma Cafe in Palermo Hollywood.
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    San Juan, ARG

    Someone told me that it has a modern look (I guess after the earthquake more contemporary structures replaced destroyed ones?) but that it still has a small town feel to it. Is that true? Also, are the outdoor activities such as windsurfing close to the city center or are there hotels and the...
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    San Juan, ARG

    Considering a trip to Mendoza and wondering if anyone has visited or know anything about the town of San Juan just north of there. Any info appreciated.
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    Knife robbery attempt in Palermo

    3 a.m. is not a good time to be walking in any urban area. I think someone else on this forum once referred to it as "stupid o'clock in the morning." I would add that Palermo Hollywood is not a 'safe' area. It's still very rough.
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    Been down here 3 months and got beat-up & mugged

    While I don't disagree that La Boca can be a tourist trap, there are two very important museums there: Museo Benito Quinquela Martin and PROA. Both are worth the trip down there (via taxi) and any visit to BA for art lovers would be incomplete without a stop there.
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    New American Breakfast Restaurant!

    Sorry Canick, but Canadian bacon has nothing over Irish bacon. I hesitate to even call the Canadian version 'bacon'...those thin, round, dry discs remind me of Spam. No offense intended. The Irish version is a heavenly slab o'bacon with just a bit of fat still left on it...Mmmmmmmmmm! :D
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    New American Breakfast Restaurant!

    I may be a Yanqui, but I have to agree with Liam. The bacon they serve up in Ireland is the best in the universe.
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    An interesting article on the use of the word 'expats'

    Touché Napoleon :D So let me update my expat references a few decades after Prohibition and another group of expats in Europe: 1950s/60s Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, Nina Simone
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    An interesting article on the use of the word 'expats'

    Historically speaking, expats have often flocked to cultural centers, not necessarily poorer countries. Think Hemingway and Fitzgerald in Paris.
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    Bilingual dog looking for playdate

    Dear Cora, We're Boomer and Reilly and we say 'hi'! We like to play too (at least Reilly does, Boomer is a bit old and grumpy but that's ok, he's earned it). We're Min Pins and so we're too small to play with you, but we hope you find some fun dogs in BsAs to play with. We'll let our big...
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    Aerolineas Argentina

    They should also be making 'hay' of the fact that once the Kirchners nationalized the airlines they gave control of it to their son Maximo. I mean really, WTF?
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    Buenos Aires to clean up dog poop on city streets

    I'll believe it when I see it...or rather when I don't!
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    How much would you pay for this apartment?

    I seem to remember a post from you a few months back about leaving ARG for greener pastures in Venezuela or Colombia. How are the plans coming? I'm sure there are plenty of people on this forum that would be happy to come over and help you pack.
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    Chavez wins journalism award...

    I remember that post and shared it with some friends who traveled to Cuba with me recently who were thinking of visiting.