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    Blue Rate

    What is the current blue rate? I have two website that normally have the rate but for some reason neither work.
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    Expired Dni

    I find that I can not return in time before my temporary visa expires. Does anyone have experience with the re-applying procedure. Do they give any grace period? Will I need to bring the same documents with me ie: Apostile FBI fingerprints. Feel free to PM if you would like. Many thanks.
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    Watch Battery

    Where do they carry watch batteries here? The number on the battery is 377.
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    Computer Battery

    I have a Toshiba laptop and the battery went dead the other day. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one to buy? Thanks
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    Lauren Bacall - Rip

    A funny story from when I was much younger. I was working at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta around 1970 at the front desk. Lauren Bacall was performing nightly with the musical "Applause" at the hotel. Ms Bacall would stop by nightly at the front desk to say hello. A very sweet woman. One night...
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    Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor

    What is the name for a ear,nose, throat doctor in Spanish? Thanks.
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    Temporary Residency Status

    I now have the Certificado De Residencia Precaria (temporary residency) . I heard that you must be in the country for 6 months. Is that 6 consecutive months or 6 months during a 12 month period. I was planning 2 trips abroad so didn't want to muck it up after all this work to get it. I checked...
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    Looking Of An Apartment

    I know this should be listed in advert but realize more people will be reading this. Sorry! Currently living in Recoleta so would prefer to stay in the same Barrio. We are looking for a furnished one or two bedroom with 1 1/2 baths or 2 full baths (this is a requirement); inclusive of all...
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    Acrylic Poster Frames

    Can you buy the here? I think the standard size is about 17x41 in. or 43x104 cm. Size could vary a bit I can't find any place here to buy them.
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    Apt. Rental In Va

    What is the local website for apartments quoted in pesos available here? Thanks
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    Since its cold outside the last few weeks I have noticed the very small ants around the food items. I have to hide in the microwave to keep them out. What would you suggest thst I use? I have a pet in the house so want to be very careful of what I use.
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    Prune Juice

    Do they have it here?
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    Oil Of Olay

    What is equivalent to Oil of Olay beauty lotion that I can get here?
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    Witch Hazel

    Does anyone know if you can purchase witch hazel here or if it goes by a different name
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    Fiber Supplements Needed

    Anything equivalent to benefiber or Metamucil here.
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    Cabrales Expresso Cafe

    I found out that the McCafe uses Cabrales Expresso. Does anyone know where I can purchase 500 grams or 1 kilo. Actually not bad compared to a lot of the stuff they serve here at the cafes.
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    Looking for a urologist near Recoleta. No insurance so cost factor has to be considered. Thanks.
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    Tattoo Makeover

    I have a tattoo that I need an excellent tattoo artist to recreate and redesign over the existing one. Any recommendations?
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    Fbi Apostile

    Does this document still need to be legalized and/or translated or is it good to go to immigration with the other paperwork? Thanks
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    Regimen De Tramitacion Urgente De Residencia

    Anyone familar with this? Just noticed it on Will it actually expedite the process order for a temporary pensionado visa?