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  1. blackheart

    Native english teacher wanted

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a native english speaker to teach me, I consider I have an advanced level and want to improve it due to a future trip I will do next year to England. Send me a PM if you are interested. Cheers! Matias
  2. blackheart

    Native English speaker - nanny, English tutor, proof-reader...

    Hi Ellen I am looking for an english teacher to practice my listening skills, contact me if you like. Cheers! Matias
  3. blackheart

    Tennis lessons in Palermo!

    Thanks Thanks Stan, you had been a good pupil too. Cheers!
  4. blackheart

    Tennis lessons in Palermo!

    Hi! I am usually in El Circulo, a club located in Sarmiento Avenue and Lugones, behind the Planetarium, but it could be at Costa Rica Tennis sometimes, (Thames and Costa Rica st) depending on the time you want to take lessons. Just send me message if you have more doubts. Cheers! Matias
  5. blackheart

    Tennis lessons in Palermo!

    I teach tennis to tourists, expats, etc. in Palermo in english or spanish. I taught tennis in Fremantle, Perth, Australia in 2013 and I just got back from England after staying there for 6 months doing several courses for tennis coaches, so I have got plenty of experience coaching to different...
  6. blackheart

    Tennis Lessons

    I teach tennis to turists, expats, etc. in Palermo, the price is very reasonable due to my intention to teach abroad in one year's time, so I try to practice my teaching methods doing this. I taught tennis in Fremantle, Perth, Australia two years ago so am pretty experienced teaching to native...
  7. blackheart

    Hello To All!

    Hello, I am Matias, an argentinian tennis coach and economist living in Buenos Aires. The reason why I am here is to help out some foreigners who want to inmerse in this very particular country. Besides, I plan to settle down in UK in 15 months teaching tennis over there, so It would be good to...