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    Bringing Food Items Into Argentina

    Chia seeds are cheap here, especially bought in bulk in Linears, the bolivian market. I just brought spirulina, maca powder, and collagen with me in my suitcase without any problems a week ago, they were in sealed packages.
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    Is There Any Cool Spin Studio In Buenos Aires?

    I just go to spinning at my neighborhood gym, all gyms have spinning/indoor cycle classes pretty much. But if you want a specific spinning spot, like I think it's soul cycle in the US? I've heard this place is cool: Can't vouch for it personally
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    Medialuna Dough?

    Wow this escalated quickly. I've never seen it, my only suggestion would see if she can sweet talk a neighborhood panaderia and see if she can buy some uncooked dough from them and freeze that and bring it?
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    Brazil In June

    I spent a week in Jericoacoara back in 2010, it's amazing. Not sure what the zika situation is...
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    Physical therapist and/or acupuncturist recommendation?

    Thanks, do you think you could get their details next time you go (if you go regularly)? I'm never in the center to just swing on by and check to see if the place is there or if they can see me..
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    Physical therapist and/or acupuncturist recommendation?

    Does anyone have any more current acupuncture recommendations? I speak fluent Spanish so local is fine, I've already contacted Lauren but was hoping I could find an option that was priced for a local's budget...
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    Got Nailed In Eze Customs

    I just came in a week ago and everything seemed to be the same as ever, little to no attention given to obviously foreign tourists but rompiendo las pelotas of the locals. I , as always, was waved right on through with my 2 huge suitcases and 2 carry-ons. The agent asked one latin looking guy...
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    Moving To Argentina For Love?

    I didn't come for love but did stay for love, it's been 6 years. When we first started dating he was firm in the "I could never leave my family camp" as if to say "if you want to be with me, it's here" warning, and me with my rose colored glasses said "why would I EVER want to leave here?!" In...
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    El Tejano Resto, Brisket, Ribs,

    I've been a couple times and loved it! Felt like being back home for a couple hours
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    Best Mexican Resturant In Ba?

    tacos, a polarizing debate haha. I'm surprised people think LFDT's so bad, My Mexican roommates were the ones who brought me there and if Mexicans found it to be good Mexican food, well then, that was enough for me haha It is pricey for the portions though, but you can get 2x1 promotions...
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    Best Mexican Resturant In Ba?

    One last push for la fabrica is I found their customer service to be on US levels, once the waitress, an Argentine waitress, was beyond rude to us. Took our order wrong on our food (only brought one serving when we had ordered 2....we were 2 people...Brought the wrong drinks, would walk away...
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    Best Mexican Resturant In Ba?

    Another Texan throwing another vote for La Fabrica del Taco, I don't find it just good for here, it's just good, period. I love that place, the tacos are great and so is the onda. They have a tequila bar across the street from the Gorriti location that supposedly has tortas but I haven't ever...
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    Why Is It So Hard To Find Tomato Extract?

    right! Our carrefour NEVER has it, the COTO sometimes had it. But I can almost always find it at Dia, it's further for me so I make special trips to stock up. Which is ridiculous
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    Dentist - Should I Go Or Should I Wait?

    My crown a year ago via the Swiss Medical dental center was 2300 pesos...calculate inflation..haha
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    What Is The Argentine' Secret To Always Smelling So Good?

    the ability to be so judgemental of people you've never met is something that I never understood about this forum, anyway my 3 showers are quicker combined than many people's one shower, but whatever, you already seem to know me pretty well
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    What Is The Argentine' Secret To Always Smelling So Good?

    I guess I always have time for hygiene! I work out in the morning and do everyone the favor of showering after, I shower before bed, and if it's January and I'm melting I take a quick cold water rinse. Is this allowed or am I to be judged a diva?
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    What Is The Argentine' Secret To Always Smelling So Good?

    I've never noticed that they smell better....maybe because I'm guilty of the multiple daily showers myself. But the kid's perfume does throw me, I would never give a kid perfume!? Except for that one time I accidentally did because I left my husband in charge of the unnecessary..
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    350 Lashes For Having Wine Bottles In His Car. that's all this makes me think of...I think I'd take up teetotaling for my stay
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    Colegio Nacional De Buenos Aires ?

    Yes but this is a high school and I assume that the family is all located here
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    Colegio Nacional De Buenos Aires ?

    My husband and all his friends went there, admittedly 20 years ago, but amongst them is a federal judge and one of the country's leading gastro surgeons. I think it still has a good reputation and the classes they offer, astronomy for example, sounded leaps and bounds ahead of my public...