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    recommended reading

    looking for good reading that gives a history and a current perspective of Argentina. I am not opposed to fiction, but would rather more direct and purposeful recommendations. Gracias
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    What's the story on Salta?

    Anybody have any first hand knowledge? How is similar / dissimilar to BA?
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    Difference in citizens from locations

    Obviously, this board focuses on Argentina and BA especially. I am using it to understand Argentina and BA before a visit. I am travelling throughout South America currently. Much of what is said to describe Argentiinians and expat living in BA is untrue of other areas of South America. I...
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    What does the Governor know that I don't ...

    ( Firstly, I do not need to be sold on BA ) I am already renting a huge house in Cali, Colombia. I found Cali to be a nice city. But, it lacked the sophistication and culture for me to say, "This place kicks ass ... I am going to live for a couple years." Yes, it was noisy - very. Many...
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    SELL ME on BA .... please :)

    I have read through the posts here. Nice board. Congratulations. As for me, recently divorce spent the last year starting internet based businesses and travelling throughout the Caribbean and Colombia. I have had a great time! great adventure! But, I still have not found what I am looking...
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    Looking for special place

    Hola, I found myself newly single 2 years ago - St. Petersburg FL. I decided to explore business opportunities and life outside the USA. So, I spent a couple months in the Caribbean - I love the beach. I spent some time in Costa Rica. For the last 5 months, I have hung out in Colombia...