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  1. NYCExpat

    Xoom vs. Western Union - Pros and Cons - Other Options?

    Hi, All! I've been using Xoom for money transfers from the US (monthly). The process and conversion rate seem great to me. However, I notice more posts about WU on this site. Am I missing something? Any guidance would be great or any other options to explore. Thanks, Tim
  2. NYCExpat

    Western Union money transfer

    Question? Any information on the max limit for a bank transfer (WU) from the US to ARG - per transaction or per month? I typically use Xoom and I have been able to send the max of $2,490 USD (this max is based on my bank card) in the past, typically monthly. However, Xoom is not working now...
  3. NYCExpat

    Amazon: Shipping To Argentina

    OK, I've head about all the door-to-door shipping from the US and I am struggling to understand what can be shipped from Amazon. All details and experiences are welcome. Me: I fill my amazon cart and nothing ships to ARG. Help!
  4. NYCExpat

    Surgeon Needed: Dog With Leggs Calves Perthes Disease

    My 8 month old Yorkie was just diagnosed with Leggs Calves on Saturday and I off to see a specialist surgeon in Martinez on Tuesday. However, in true Argentine fashion, the surgeon is non-committal about his availability for quick surgery. My fear is that we will have to wait (and wait) and my...
  5. NYCExpat

    Looking For A Google Analytics Specialists

    Hi, I'm looking for an experienced Google Analytics Specialist who can help with some consulting on set-up, including event tracking, e-commerce, etc. This could be a one-time consulting opportunity that expands to a part-time position. If you have the experience and interest, please PM me...
  6. NYCExpat

    Unlock Iphone

    I used this service twice. Fast and cheap.
  7. NYCExpat

    Notary For Us Documents: Any Experience?

    thanks very much for the information and help. :)
  8. NYCExpat

    Notary For Us Documents: Any Experience?

    Hi All: I have to have a a document (signature) from the USA notarized and returned to the states pretty quickly. As expected, the document is in English and I'm not sure where to go. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tim
  9. NYCExpat

    I Want To Bring My Dog To Ba...

    pet carriers with SCREWS are critical. :rolleyes:
  10. NYCExpat

    Heartworm For Dogs

    My local vet in Nordelta said not to worry about heartworm in BA. However, my Vet in the states told me it was a problem in Argentina as well. So, I purchased the treatment in the states and I continue to pick it up every time I travel to the states.
  11. NYCExpat

    Shipping A Dog

    Hi, my experience was similar to SarahAnn. I just had all the papers for Sensa completed and paid a small processing fee (about $600 pesos per pet) when I arrived. It was pretty simple and the dogs have traveled from BA to NY and back again on multiple occasions. However, I always accompanied my...
  12. NYCExpat

    Recommended Place To Unlock Phone (That's Not 120 Pesos?)

    I used this service to unlock my US iphone for $4.95 USD... All online and it was unlocked in 60 minutes. Maybe he can help or point you in the right direction. Tim
  13. NYCExpat

    Help! Any Way To Get A Visa For Brazil In One Day?

    Airline told me I could enter brazil without a visa because I have a Dni. Migraciones turned me down any said I need the visa because I am a us citizen. Has anyone gotten the visa for brazil in 1 day. At the airport now.
  14. NYCExpat

    User Experience Designer / Product Manager Needed

    Hi All: My company is looking for some local expat talent. This is 100% work from home. This is a legit US Company that I have been working with remotely from BA for the last 5 years. If you have the following skills, please drop me a line @ We are looking for a smart...
  15. NYCExpat

    Dni Not Arrived! Lost?

    I would call the central office, confirm it is there and go pick it up. I waited for it to be delivered and it never was sent. When I went to the central office it only took about 30 minutes. Goog luck!
  16. NYCExpat

    Looking For A Direct Marketing Writer... Job Opportunity.

    Hi All: I am looking for experienced Direct Marketing copywriters - specifically writers who have proven talents in e-mail marketing. You must be creative, results oriented and know how to drive meaningful metrics - open rates, CTOs, CTRs, Conversion rates, etc. Must love pets. The...
  17. NYCExpat

    Fed Ex Delivery From The States

    Thanks all. I hope this is not the case. The interesting thing is that I purchased this print (it is actually a poster and not fine art) and had it framed from the AR website. I had no idea it would be shipped from the states - i really thought they were local. I will provide an update. Thanks...
  18. NYCExpat

    Fed Ex Delivery From The States

    Hi All! Does anyone have experience with receiving large Fed Ex packages here in Buenos Aires? I have received small packages (papers/letters) that were delivered to my apartment door. However, I have an over-sized package coming and I am hoping that don't have to go to the International Post...
  19. NYCExpat

    Moving To Nordelta! Any Expats Out There?

    Hi All! We've decided to leave the city and move out to Nordelta. After 4 years in Palermo, we decided it was time to explore barrios outside the city. The search was comprehensive and long, but we are feeling very good about our choice. I'm not sure how I will do (I'm a city guy for all of my...
  20. NYCExpat

    Who Would You Invite To A Dinner Party? Not Hypothetical.

    My husband is Argentine - 42, fluent in english and well versed in politics, healthcare and culture. If you still have a need, I can send you his e-mail.