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    Argentina Pitches Its Weak Currency to Attract Digital Nomads

    Plot Twist: You get $200 pesos per dollar when the program finally launches in a year and that's the official exchange rate. ;)
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    Cueva rates vs WU

    Same. When I got a different guy at the cave I normally use and he tried a non Dolar Hoy rate with me I told him that's fine, I'll use the CCL, you need the dollars more than I need the pesos. Needless to say he changed his tune when he hard that and the rate improved.
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    Buenos Aires is in the top 10 of the cheapest cities in the world

    Well, besides Buenos Aires, I spent a week in Tunis/Tunisia early last year (pre-COVID) and it was fine, especially the Carthage neighborhood, a lot nicer than many places in the US and Europe. Coincidentally I was also supposed to visit Tashkent and Almaty, but then, well, the rona had other...
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    A comment on taxes

    Can't make this stuff up. Truly un gobierno de científicos...
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    A comment on taxes

    I have no sympathy for banks usually, but I do at least in terms of running ATMs. My rent is very affordable, and I felt awful having to give my landlord 25K in hundreds because after over a dozen trips to ATMs on the same day I couldn't get anything bigger, and the max some let me take out were...
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    A comment on taxes

    I think the plurality of WU transfers are true familiar support (i.e. Argentines living abroad sending money back home), but I'm confident in overall dollars sent, a large chunk are what many people on BA Expats are doing: sending money to themselves. I've read of maybe 1 person saying they were...
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    Cruise Ship from Africa Allowed to Dock in BA by Mistake

    I was just saying this to a friend, I don't believe them for a second. Now they can't even keep the lies straight. The regulation says that people have to quarantine when arriving from Africa, which Cabo Verde is part of. I don't agree with the regulation as Africa is an entire continent with...
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    Cruise Ship from Africa Allowed to Dock in BA by Mistake

    "Please point to Cabo Verde on a Map" Argentina:
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    Border closures vOmicron?

    I love to travel, and have been fortunate to visit 3 African countries, and when people that ask if I've been to Africa and I say yes, they are generally confused as to why I didn't go on a safari when I visited Morocco, Tunisia, or Egypt, or that I had high speed internet when I was there.
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    A comment on taxes

    Discretion was most definitely thrown to the wind, and iirc either 130K or 150K, so while several times the minimum wage, not a ton of money in dollars. Their biggest mistake IMO was trading on an AFIP compliant exchange. I know of a few people that work remotely and send money here via crypto...
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    21.5" 1080p LG Monitor For Sale

    Hi Everyone! I have one more item up for sale, a 21.5" 1080p LG Monitor I purchased earlier this year brand new. My needs for work have changed since, and as such I don't use it anymore following upgrading to larger screen. It's a great monitor and has had little use and is like new; it comes...
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    Macbook Pro 13" (Late 2019) w/Touchbar For Sale

    I'm going to aim for it, I might do a half day of work as I have to an appointment on the other side of town in the afternoon anyways so I could swing by on the way back home.
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    Apartment rental without DNI/residency

    It's possible, I did it previously, but it's always dueño directo, not AFIP registered, paid in cash, etc. Usually it's a temp rental that's furnished too, which is pro or con depending on your POV.
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    Western Union money transfer

    Not via WU, but I believe it's behind the scenes as well like ventanilla said; my DNI was in progress and I got both my vaccinations using my foreigner passport and they showed up in Mi Argentina without having to do anything.
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    Macbook Pro 13" (Late 2019) w/Touchbar For Sale

    Hi All! Thanks for the interest, the Macbook has sold. Thanks!
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    Border closures vOmicron?

    This concerns me too. People won't be able to complain about not having the option to pay in cuotas for international travel if there is no international travel to be had. That being said, I don't know if people will tolerate another lockdown of that nature, I think people's patience has worn...
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    A comment on taxes

    There had been, but then Black Monday in September 2019 happened with Alberto, resulting in Macri's admin reinforcing the MULC, the whole reason for having to pesify at the official exchange rate in the first place, then COVID happened, so I'm not sure where this stands now. I have a feeling...
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    A comment on taxes

    This as a general comment not directed at anyone specifically as I've said this in another thread, but anybody thinking of/planning to/already staying in Argentina for 6 months of the year or longer and earning income from remote work/holding assets abroad should speak to an Argentine accountant...
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    Same, just checked mine and I can see it. I Emailed the court last week as dsp27 suggested and got a turno for this week. This week I went to the Supreme Court, did the paperwork in the office and dropped off all my paperwork at the judges' office across from the court/Lavalle Plaza. I checked...
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    Xoom vs. Western Union - Pros and Cons - Other Options?

    I would call the financial institution that issued your card and advise them that it's a legitimate charge. The reason it got flagged is because many people fall prey to scams online telling them to send payment for IRS debt/family emergencies/apartments that don't exist, etc. via WU. It...