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    Sausage other than Chorizo for Gumbo?

    I am thinking about making a pot of gumbo for New Years day its sort of a family tradition. No worries I brought all the seasonings I need with me. If anyone can point me in the direction of non-chorizo sausage it would be great. And I will invite you over to have some if the sausage works out!
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    It's about that time for me to sail across the waters for a stamp! If anyone is interested in going with me I am planning a trip for the weekend before Christmas. I have not decided if I am going to make it a day trip or a weekend with a trip to Montevideo. Suggestions welcomed! PM me if you are...
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    Vacation Suggestions??

    I have been in BA one month thus far I have been followed, videoed, was with a friend when her camera was stolen, I’ve seen a person robbed at gun point, I "dropped" out of a spanish class, and I am living in a room that could fit into my bathroom back in the states. Things are definitely...
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    Club 69 anyone?

    I am still fairly new to BA (I have been here 10 days more or less) and wanted to see if anyone would be interested in going to club 69 on Thursday. Some guys from the hostel I stayed at said they had a good drag show. This Thursday is the clubs 11th anniversary so I am guessing they will be...
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    Finally Arrived!!

    After numerous post I have finally made it here to BA for my extended stay. Which means I have no clue on how long am going stay maybe 2 months, a year, or longer. If anyone is interested in grabbing coffee or just hanging out let me know. I am currently looking for a apartment and a language...
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    Room Share in BA

    Can anyone suggest a website that lists roomshares in BA? Thanks!
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    Brining a Police Record?

    I have been told to bring a police record if I am interested in possibly getting a job. Should this report be from the city that I currently live in or is there a country wide report here in the states?
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    Why is it so important to have a round trip tix?

    I am moving to South America, Argentina being my home base in a month but I haven't bought my ticket yet. Why is it so important to buy a round trip ticket in and out of the country? I am not sure how long and if am going to stay in Argentina. My plan is to purchase my ticket in the next couple...
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    Testing the waters

    Hi all, I am "testing the waters" in Buenos Aires to make sure this is where I want to live before I move here later this year. Is there anything you wish you would have known or did prior to moving here? And I want to get a jump start on spanish does anybody know of a good school or private...