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    Indian Expats

    Dear everyone, I'm teaching "Fasting and Feasting" Anita Desai's book and I was wondering if I could find somebody who could come to school and talk to my students about life in India. I work at a very prestigious school in the northern area of Buenos Aires. I'd love any help you can provide :)...
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    job offer

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine is looking for a teacher, ASAP. She only needs conversation and it for two weeks, to brush up her english before a business trip. She lives in florida, very near Puente Saavedra. If you are interested email me Thx a lot
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    Private teacher needed in Congreso area

    Thx to all of you who replied!! I'll give him your emails and phone numbers, hopefully he'll call :)
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    Private teacher needed in Congreso area

    Dear Friends, I work with a guy who would want to learn some English. I told him that the best way to learn is having a private teacher to tailor classes for you. I also told him I knew someexpats willing to teach him. He is a secondary teacher, if you're interested lemme know and I'll give him...
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    Word of the Day:

    A word that I use a lot is "PORONGA" (the translation would be "dick") careful!!!!, it's really awful...but when something doesnt work properly the phrase "Esto es una poronga!!!" Is simply the best A synonym of quilombo: despelote, also nice How about our useful "boludo"??
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    There are some in PIlar/ Del Viso for sure
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    where to find flavored stoli vodka?

    WINERY?? There's one in Unicenter
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    How silly some expats can be

    Seriously uptight ppl do speak like that...stick-up-theirs ppl speak like that, regular ppl dont Maybe you're simply surrounded by them... In fact regular ppl make fun of them when they try to speak about something as "greasy" as Showmatch and pronounce it "zhoumatch"
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    How silly some expats can be

    I think the reason why many expats do these things is because they're so tight and "perfect" at home that when they come here they feel free to do certain things, I dont know much, but I dont think when you jam the paper in your company in the States you go screaming "This shit's fucked up...
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    It's an Expat Thing: Unsolved Mysteries

    My momma broke her leg in Munro (Buenos Aires Province) and she sued the municipalidad...I dont know how that went though, I think she's still waiting for an answer
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    It's an Expat Thing: Unsolved Mysteries

    PLAN???????? we dont plan
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    Teacher at home

    Where do you live? that's a "system" that is usually done in country clubs or gated communities
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    It's an Expat Thing: Unsolved Mysteries

    It's the Tango running in our veins, just ask "Wanna dance?"
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    Presidential Residence

    I was in when I was a kid. It was President Alfonsin's Bday and my daddy drove a privately owned bus which took a band to play... It was at night and my daddy took us both my sister and I with him. We were bored as hell in the bus so we were allowed to "run around" We went to take a peek and...
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    being a girl on the subway

    I must admit that this hasnt happened to me in quite some time...(feeling self concious now... ;) ) My technique used to be to answer in a rude way when the commentary went too far...Even made some guys blush in my old good times If the comment is nice I just keep going and feel a bit better...
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    being a girl on the subway

    There a-holes everywhere... Next time, if you dont feel like yelling at him, just move to another wagon (is that the word??)
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    It's raining again - Get out your waders

    CK has pissed off JC
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    For the Vets...Is This Weather Normal?

    I'm Argentinian. Never left this country...This weather is totally F%&$ed up!
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    Hi all, considering moving from Australia.

    cant seem to post the pic right :( Sorry Here's my fotolog