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    Indian Expats

    Dear everyone, I'm teaching "Fasting and Feasting" Anita Desai's book and I was wondering if I could find somebody who could come to school and talk to my students about life in India. I work at a very prestigious school in the northern area of Buenos Aires. I'd love any help you can provide :)...
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    job offer

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine is looking for a teacher, ASAP. She only needs conversation and it for two weeks, to brush up her english before a business trip. She lives in florida, very near Puente Saavedra. If you are interested email me Thx a lot
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    Private teacher needed in Congreso area

    Dear Friends, I work with a guy who would want to learn some English. I told him that the best way to learn is having a private teacher to tailor classes for you. I also told him I knew someexpats willing to teach him. He is a secondary teacher, if you're interested lemme know and I'll give him...
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    ALien member :)

    Hey you all! My Name is Veronica and I named this post "alien member" cause I'm not an expat. In fact, I'm as Argentinian as Dulce de Leche :D The thing is that I came across this website and found it very interesting adn useful. I hope I'm allowed to be a member of your community. As an...
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    2010 teaching positions in Pilar

    Hey everyone! Im Veronica, I work for a school in Pilar (Ruta 8 km 60 approx) We are always looking for teachers. If any of you have a teaching degree or any teaching experience I'd like to hear from you. As you probably know teaching is not really well paid in Argentina, but the school offers a...