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    eze aduanas

    Anyone been through aduanas recently? Its Christmas time so I'm coming in with presents for my kids and wife. Hoping I don't get into too much trouble with my 3 luggages of mostly boys toys and clothes. That and my work and personal laptop. ... And the stanley's for gifts. They were 14$ on...
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    Lost Wallet with DNI (PR holder) and international travel soon

    My wallet with my DNI (permanent resident) is missing. I've done all the steps with filing a report with the police and stuff. Went to registiro to replace it, but its not arrived yet and i'm not sure it will arrive before I leave. Is this gonna be a problem? I have a police report and a new...
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    Starting Citizenship Process for Argentina

    Anyone familiar with starting the citizenship process for Argentina? I'm in Entre Rios. I see these requirement: - 2 anios de residencia en el pais - partida de nacimiento legalizada - certificado de vecindad (policia) - certificado de buena conducta (departamental) - fotocopia dni - partida de...
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    EZE waiting and arriving

    How are the lines into eze now? When I went in Jan i was waiting outside for like 2 hours before I could get into the airport. How long we waiting outside now? 2 hours before flight? 3?
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    Bank Fraud Lawyer Advice

    We moved some money (not a lot) recently from abroad and we recently had it stolen out of our Argentine accounts. We've opened a case with the bank who found no bank fault (but their security policies are a joke). Does anyone have any advice on a lawyer who can say the right things to get the...
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    Returning to Argentina

    I'm a US citizen with Argentine Permanent Residency looking for a job and need to head to the US for an interview. Are there any issues with returning to Argentina from abroad and does anyone have experience with this? My wife's family lives in the north of Buenos Aires so I'm a little worried...