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    How often do you fly home?

    Greg, would you mind sharing some interesting information with us? ;) Thanks!
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    NYer in BA

    Hi, Moira. Welcome! If you have a good/strong foundation in Spanish, even with your intermediate level, an "intercambio" (as it was suggested) might be enough. If you need to tune your ear to the new accent, I'd recommend that you watch an Argentine TV channel online so you can replay the parts...
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    Looking for apartment for Sept

    In Palermo or Recoleta, around u$s 900.
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    A 2BR apt in Palermo for $700-800 may be hard to find... You might check They have a wide range of prices. Good luck!
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    2 BR/2Bath Apartment in Palermo Soho/ Owner

    This apartment will be available again starting January 1st!
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    Apartment(s) in Recoleta

    There are different apartments. The one that shows here (I could only post 5 pictures) is the large studio by the Recoleta Cemetery; this one is just for 2 guests. The 2 BR apartment is for 4 guests. If you're interested in further information, send me a PM and tell me where to send it.
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    Apartment(s) in Recoleta

    Owner renting large & stylish studio (430 sq ft) in elegant building by the Recoleta Cemetery ($850) & a lovely 2 BR apartment a few blocks away ($1,190). If interested, send me a PM with your email address & I'll send you further information.
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    New ATM fee

    The only way to deal with this is if enough people present a complaint at the "Defensoria del Pueblo de la Nacion". I have consulted with them and later on I submitted a formal letter complaining about this issue. I know they are investigating... So they say... I encourage all of you to do the...
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    Things near Las Heras and Callao (Spanish School, Gym and Tango)

    Here you have some information about tango places in Recoleta that I highly recommend: 1) Mayoral & Elsa Maria (very famous) in Callao y Santa Fe 2) The Argentine School of Tango has a place in Talcahuano (between...
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    What's the story on Salta?

    Salta is a beautiful province & the capital city (Salta) is really something else. Those who only remember Balcarce street or the golf club have no appreciation for its unique culture & history (too bad they missed it!). I recommend that you visit the "Casa de Salta" (just a few stepts from the...
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    Open veins of Latin America / Guide to the Perfect Latin-American Idiot

    "Open Veins..." is a highly recommended book for anyone truly interested in understanding Latin America. It's an excellent starting point. And because of the way it's structured, it's very easy to read. It's thorough & well researched. On the other hand, the "Manual.../Guide" by Alvaro Vargas...
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    2 BR apt in central location $850/month

    Just a quick note to let you all know this apartment will be available again on June 1st.
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    2 BR/2Bath Apartment in Palermo Soho/ Owner

    Fully furnished 2 BR/ 2 Bath apartment (76 m² = 817 ft², 5th floor w/balcony) in uspcale building in Palermo Soho, only 2 blocks from the famous Santa Fe Ave (subway Plaza Italia). Close to restaurants, cafes, pubs, and super trendy stores & Plaza Cortazar (=Plaza Serrano).*Lovely garden with...
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    2 BR apt in central location $850/month

    2 BR apartment (645 sq feet) on Corrientes Ave, between Uriburu & Pasteur streets, by subway station “Pasteur” (Line B). The apartment is on the back, so it is very quite. Recently painted. All new appliances, including washer! If you just need one room and would like to rent the 2nd BR, that's...
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    Long Term Rental

    I think it´s impossible to rent a 2 BR apartment for $350-$450/mo in in Reclota, Barrio Norte or even San Telmo... but you might rent a nice room for that price.
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    TEFL Certification

    You may find information at They are located in the heart of Recoleta in a gorgeous historical Mansion. They are very reliable and the people are very friendly. Good luck! AA
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    Murphy Bed......

    I purchased mine 3 years ago at They're customed made to fit your needs. Mine is very easy (and light!) to open & to close. A kid could do it! Señor Jorge, the owner, is a very reliable person. It will take about 3 weeks from the time you order it. A friend of mine...
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    $350 x 2 weeks! Lovely Studio Apartment in Recoleta!

    Elegant & sunny studio apartment (32 m²¨/344 ft², 6th floor w/balcony) on Juncal St (no busses!) between Azcuenaga & Uriburu. It’s only 2 blocks from Sante Fe Ave & 3 from the subway on Pueyrredon Ave (line D). The “Recoleta Cementery¨ & the ¨Village Recoleta ” (with great restaurants, lovely...
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    Small studio for rent near the Obelisco $399/month!

    Fully furnished studio (215 sq feet) for one person on Cerrito St, just a few steps away from the Obelisco & metro station. It’s in a lively area, but the apartment is in the back (contrafrente), so it's very quite. It's has a single bed, a small closet, TV, DVD, microwave with an electric stove...
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    Arriving in December

    You may want to contact: Asociacion Rosarina de Intercambio Cultural Argentino-Norteamericano (ARICANA) Buenos Aires 934 S2000CEQ Rosario, Argentina Tel.: 54-341-4219179 FAX: 54-341-4217664 E-mail: Website: Good luck!