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    Leaving Argentina Sale - Midcentury furniture, appliances, carpentry tools and more.

    Offloading a ton of belongings before moving back to the US - everything from furniture to appliances, tools, decor, golf clubs, kitchen items, etc. A few photos are attached to this post. I have created a google sheet list with a list of everything. Also there is a series of folders with...
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    Moving Sale - Everything must go!

    After 11 years in Buenos Aires I am moving back to the US. Not planning to ship much with me so selling a ton of things, including furniture, appliances, tools, decor, kitchen items, etc. I have taken pictures and priced the first batch of items. You can click on the links below to get to the...
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    Seeking advice on shipping stuff back to US

    I am leaving BA after 10 years to move to Los Angeles and am trying to decide how best to ship my stuff. I will definitely bring personal items with me such as my books, art work, some kitchen stuff, clothes etc. But I am not planning to bring any furniture at all. In total I probably have 15-20...