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    Starting a company on a an Argentine friends D.N.I

    Hi everyone, My friend and I are about to start a business, or a Monotributista in Argentina. We recently found out that we need somone with a D.N.I to register it for us. We have an Argentine friend - let us call her Sophia - who is willing to do it, but I want to know a bit more about...
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    Business and bureaucracy

    Hi all, I'm fresh of the boat, only been here for 2 months and loving every minute of it so far. I'm thinking about investing in Argentina - nothing specific at the moment - and could need some info on what it is like to run a business here. I've read a lot of negative comments about how...
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    Macbook Pro parts

    Hey guys I got to BA this morning and loving it already. Do any of you know wher I can get a cheap charger and new battery for my Macbook pro? Have been to the Mac online shop and they´re more expensiva than back home..... Any advice? Cheers