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    night out tonight? zzk at voodoo motel

    Heyo everyone, I'd really like to go to the Zizek night at the Voodoo Motel tonight (Wed), but the friend I was planning to go with can't come anymore and I'm not all that keen on going alone. It starts around midnight. The line up looks pretty good, in case you don't know zzk records and are...
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    travellers behaving badly

    LOL, looking forward to hearing some stories, I have about a million. Lighthearted antics - when I was traveling in Aus, I was hanging out with a lot of English travelers who were all pretty naughty but there was this one guy in particular who would just do spectacularly silly things, like for...
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    intermediate squash?

    Hey guys, I posted awhile ago about intermediate squash but have gotten so booked up with work I haven't followed anything up. I'm looking for a squash partner to play regularly, looking forward to hearing from anyone interested. Cheers!
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    intermediate squash in recoleta anyone?

    Hey gang, Looking for squash courts and any intermediate squash players around Recoleta - well, I'd say I'm intermediate but haven't been able to play for the past year (but really wish I had!!) Looking forward to hearing from anyone keen! Beso
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    tennis coach/spanish teacher in recoleta?

    Hi everyone, I'm living in Recoleta at the moment and would love to find a reasonably priced tennis coach. I'm hoping someone can suggest a closer location than the area of Palermo where there seem to be a lot of courts. Also, I've been trying to get a hold of a Spanish tutor that a friend...