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    FOR SALE Canon multiple use printer

    The details are listed below, but the price is the US price. I have hardly used it, a max of 10 pages printed. Price US$60 ono This is the url for the info from the Canon site.
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    zona franca in Chuy Uruguay?

    Has anyone been to this zf? Is it like the one in Punto Arenas in Chile or more importantly markedly cheaper than BA
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    night of the museums special attractions?

    Can any of the locals give an insight into some unique buildings that may just be open for tonight? the santa casa de ejercicios espirutuales in constitucion looks interesting?
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    I need a room in centro/congreso!

    If anyone knows of any accommodation in this area please let me know. Only for 2 months. Thanks in advance
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    Uruguay residency anyone?

    This is the url for a bbc article on residency in Uruguay. For all the traumatised rentistas in Argie: you only need $650 per month guaranteed income.!
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    Skin Cancer Specialist?

    Need to see the above about a newly emerged 'spot'. Somebody recommended the British Hopital?
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    early morning combi to the airport?

    Having problems finding a combi to get me to Ezeiza by 7.30 am. I live in downtown, hoping to avoid TLs prices. Thanksin advance
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    Buenos Aires Centre?

    Does anybody know anything about this language school? Its at Sarmiento 833.
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    expat sandwhich night?

    What happened about this? I cant find the original thread
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    The joys of english teaching in BA!

    I have been teaching here for the last year and a half and last year actually managed to earn enough to cover my living expenses. This year however it has become much more difficult. Then on Friday the crunch really came. I was teaching 12 hours a week at one of the big electricity companies...
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    Lonely Planet Argentina

    I have a new unused copy of the latest LP on Argentina I would like to sell. Its currently retailing for around 190 pesos, so I would expect about 120 because of its condition. Please PM me
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    teaching english online?

    Has anybody done this? Do you have any info on the best schools to work for? Im more interested in the overseas schools as the local ones dont pay very much. Thanks in advance
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    swap argentina for brazil?

    Yes but books! I have a brand new never used latest Lonely Planet of Argie and would like to swap for similar on Brazil. Doesnt have to be LP, Rough Guide or similar is ok.
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    Free Portugese Classes?

    Does anybody know if there are any of the above available? Preferably as close to down town as possible.
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    collectivo to Jorge newberry airport?

    How to get to Newberry airport by collectivo? The lonely planet just says its close to thecity!! Coming from down town the Obelisco or Ave de Mayo which is the best bus or buses and how long does it take?
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    overstayed visa in Tierra de fuego/Patagonia?

    Has anybody been through immigration in any of the Chile/Arg borders in these areas with an overstayed visa? If so what happened? Thanks in advance
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    accommodation in Ushuaia?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a B & B or guest house? Unfortunately some of the hostels dont sound good for a single older women. Just want somewhere near the centre, reasonably clean and quiet. I am reluctant to pay for 5 days in advance without some personal recommendations. Thanks in...
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    Orbitz ok?

    This company have some very reasonably priced flights south in December. Are they reliable? Has anybody had any experience with them?
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    mosquito nets?

    Does anybody know where I can buy one? Have only seenone in a baby shop (suitable for babies) which cost then 130 pesos. I am aware that you can get various types of electronic repellents but as my room has a 14ft ceiling, most seem impractical Thanks in advance!
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    all classes cancelled---should I take a holiday up north now?

    Dont fancy sitting around BA for 2 weeks so I thought I might bring a planned holiday to Tucuman, Salta and Jujuy forward. What in everybody's opinion might be the problem with this? No transport or accommodation available? I dont consider swine flue to be a problem.